Safeguard Your WordPress Website From Hackers In Simple Steps

There is a grim truth that no exact way is available to fully prevent the site from security treats. At the web, millions of websites built with WordPress platform run, and all these exist for some reasons. Every business owner wants comprehensive results produced to become an industry leader, and WordPress is one of the efficacious CMSs enriched with enormous friendly features to accomplish this. As the figure of WP sites is soaring, but besides that, the possibilities of being hacked are also scaling. Hence, their protection is a big issue against the hackers. Now, the question is how to keep them secure and doing what kind of jobs can take you out of the difficult situation.

Safeguard Your WordPress Website From Hackers In Simple Steps

The very common method used by the hackers is called brute force. With this approach, they are allowed to crack the password as it lets them test the thousands of login combinations. The interesting thing is; they can do it in quite short time span. Unfortunately, hacking has become a major threat for the WP site owners, but it does not mean you cannot protect your site.

A Few Simple WP Website Security Steps To Prevent It From Hackers

1. Create Backup

This indispensable step should be executed before making any change into the site and be sure that the backup you have created consists of entire Database. Implementing this step either manually or through a plugin, depends on you. You make use of backup buddy in place of free plugin because it provides whole database backup integrated with files, images, and other things presented in your WP blog.

2. Update Version

After taking backup of your data, Upgrade WordPress website with its newest version. This will help you cover the security holes because the official WP team regularly creates the patches and includes them into the very latest version. We will suggest you to follow BlogSecurity & WordPress Development as these sections keep you updated with every fix/patch release.

3. Don’t Go With Default Details

There are a plenty of ways to login especially when using WordPress powered site and Hackers are very smart in their profession. Don’t take it lightly and never use the default username & password because it’s simple to hack. Modify these details soon as you buy package and install WP platform.

4. Call Off Spare Images/Plugins

As per the industry experts and proven theory, the spare plugins are actually the menace from security point of view, and hackers usually target popular plugins. They attain your website access or information by finding or creating a hole in the unused plugin. In this way, the possibilities to hack a site are more. In short, it’s good to erase all unused plugins that you are not going to use again in the future.

5. Keep Long Password & Try to Change It Frequently

This is good to have long password of more than 8 characters blended with numerals, special characters, and letters, but make sure that it does not feature common word which is simple to identify. You should try to use random mixture of numbers & characters and should not keep it anywhere in your WordPress system. If you generally forget the password, then save on notepad from where you can easily pick if required.

Changing password at least in 72 days that makes the task of hacking onerous enough to the hackers. If you do the same, then hacker needs to start applying brute force method again on your WP site.

6. Set Up WP Security Scan

This plugin automates the stuff in simple manner and works like a real deal used to scan WordPress blog in order to find vulnerability and keep you informed about the malicious code, if found. Here, if text appears in green under admin panel, then it indicates you need to be better in terms of security, otherwise it won’t turn green.

7. Avail Plugins From WordPress

Downloading plugins from non-trusted marketplace may harm your website. Therefore, it is being suggested to you to use the WordPress plugins rendered by the authorized WordPress marketplace. You should be aware of the fact that a myriad of plugins created by the regular people are available in the market, so if you download/install any of them, it would be at your own risk.

8. Go With Secure Hosting

You must adopt this step without any confusion, but find the most trusted host which is capable enough to put security at top priority. It completely depends on you how affordable hosting package you find & choose for your website/blog, which establishes a foolproof WP website security system and keeps it protected against any security vulnerability. Hackers may find any backdoor path to attain the security information. Therefore, to overcome this situation, choose the trusted & secure hosting.

9. Give Layered Protection To Signup 

Integrate multi-layer protection in your site incorporated with multi-factor authentication that generates additional security layer around your information in order to keep it safe. To revamp the security, granting the permission is also a good way, but it should be given to specific users along with some necessary requirements needed to access the particular user account & his/her password.


However, there is no guarantee that your WordPress website or blog would not being hacked after executing all these steps mentioned above, but chances to be on the target of hackers will reduce remarkably. Thus, prevention is better in all the ways than cure. Hopefully, this post will help you know prevention techniques and keep the data protected from the hackers.

About The Author – David Meyer is associated with CSSChopper – PSD to WordPress conversion company, He is working there as an ardent developer. He loves contributing innovative yet lucrative techniques or methods to keep the website safe & secure.

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