We released ProBlog on 24th dec, but the team was on vacation so we delayed this blog post for few days. Also we were working on the restructure of the website, so that took us even more time that we expected.

ProBlog has the Magazine3 Framework V4 backend, which will be the core default of all the future themes. We are also introducing the great use of Posts Formats on homepage for the first time in WordPress. Checkout Problog theme features at magazine3.com/problog and ProBlog demo at magazine3.com/problog/demo.

About ProBlog

ProBlog is a professional Blogging theme. Every element of this theme is well crafted and makes your site look like Web 3.0 Blogs. ProBlog theme takes your website to whole new level and you get maximum exposure to the blog posts.

ProBlog theme can be used for Blogging, Tech Journals or General Magazines.


I would like to thank to our users for such an amazing feedbacks and suggestions. They have been great supporters. If you have any suggestions for the future themes or a feature that should be integrated in themes, then feel free to email me on matt@magazine3.com.

Be sure to let us know what do you think in comment section.

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