NewspaperTimes Version 5.0 RoadMap – We need your feedback

newspapertimes theme roadmap

We are now planning the NewspaperTimes version 5.0 update. our goal is to make it the best Newspaper WordPress theme available in the market and putting your feedback in the core of this update at the same time.

I have list down all the features and improvements that we are planning to release.

Here is what we would like to know: 

  1. What are your thoughts on the current roadmap?
  2. According to you, What are some more important features that we should have in this update?

NewspaperTimes Roadmap

  1. Beautifully Animated Back to top
  2. WooCommerece Improvements
  3. Forum Integration
  4. Add recent news list blocks below. In this feature, we will create an option to show the posts at the end of the single post to keep the user engage on the site with more useful posts like we have created in this theme, scroll below to check. ( )
  5. Retina Ready for Apple users.
  6. RTL (Right to Left) improvements for Right side written languages like Arabic. Currently, we have the option but needed few improvements are needed example of RTL website
  7. Improve Floating social bar in single
  8. Improve the sidebar heading
  9. Improve footer design
  10. Improving the Newsticker style
  11. Mega Menu integration
  12. Color specific categories option that works sitewide. If a color is set to a specific category that color will be visible throughout the site, not only on homepage.
  13. Better Category layout. Improvements on the design as well as ability to change the category layout from the backend. Current layout looks like this
  14. Ratings / Reviews with Google Schema integration.
  15. Login & Register custom templates. Helpful if your website has multiple authors or if your site accepts guest authors, custom login area looks very professional.
  16. Single Post specific layouts within the post editor.
  17. Improve post views
  18. Make the last sidebar widget visible when scroll. And the ability to turn on and off.
  19. Weather option
  20. Small sidebar in the left side in the post
  21. Possibility to add Adverts in the Post
  22. Improve social sharing after the post
  23. Beautiful Author Bio Area.
  24. Post Navigation in single ( beautiful & sleek)
  25. Sticky navigation menu when scrolling down and ability to turn of sticky from the options panel.
  26. Site load speed improvements. Will make the website to load faster and use minimum resources.
  27. Design improvements.
  28. Responsive design improvements.
  29. W3c Compatibility.
So, will start working on this very soon but we before we do that, we want to know your opinion and suggestions. Please share your views in comments.

Update: We are planning to release the NewspaperTimes theme V5.0 update in the month of  January 2016. Exact dates will be disclosed soon.

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29 thoughts on “NewspaperTimes Version 5.0 RoadMap – We need your feedback”

  1. The ability to have your recent posts show up in a section, regardless of category. My main section is News, so no matter what type of story I post I have to categorize it as “news” to make sure it shows up. Then when I post a new article, I go back in and change it to its proper category.

    1. We are working on the update rightnow. It will be released in this month, we will announce the exact date very soon.

      And we will do the speed improvements as well to make the theme fast.

  2. Beautifully Animated Back to top — actually I think it can easily be added by the plugin
    WooCommerece Improvements — I’m not sure if I understand what kind of improvments is meant here. WooCommerece is usually used for buy/sell website, but not for news
    Forum Integration — my personal opinion that it is not necessary feature. On most news websites good comments system substitute forums
    Add recent news list blocks below the Single post like TechNews — I didn’t get that one
    Retina Ready for Apple users — sure
    RTL improvements — what is RTL?
    Improve Floating social bar in single — regarding social bars I would recommend to look for partnership with the following plugin
    Improve the sidebar heading — agree
    Improve footer design — agree
    Improving the Newsticker style — agree
    Mega Menu integration — agree
    Color specific categories option that works sitewide. — I’m not sure if I get what is meant here
    Better Category layout — do you mean the layout of the homepage?
    Ratings / Reviews with Google Schema integration — not sure if it is really necessary for news website. It is more for websites relevant for ratings and reviews
    Login & Register custom templates — I’m not sure if it is necessary
    Single Post specific layouts within the post editor. — agree
    Improve post views — ok
    Make the last sidebar widget visible when scroll. — this would be really cool, but with a possibility of removing that option. I tried several plugins and it works, but not in all cases
    Weather option — weather would be cool. Currently I’m using the following plugin and it is nice —
    Small sidebar in the left side in the post — it is hard to say how it will look like
    Possibility to add Adverts in the Post — yes, that would be cool
    Improve social sharing after the post — agree, but again I would recommend this plugin
    Beautiful Author Bio Area — ok
    Post Navigation in single ( beautiful & sleek) — agree

    From my side I would recommend to start with the following improvements with the following priority (my personal opinion):
    1. site speed for mobile and PC versions. Speed is one of the most important things. The easiest ways to check how good the current theme are here
    2. advanced design for mobile. Right now it looks very poor compare to other web sites. Like really poor
    3. updated design of the theme. Actually the theme design is pretty old. The trends in website designs have changed a bit and people are looking for more fancy designs when they browse web sites. The easiest way to see the trends is to review top 50 news web sites in the world So more fancy design for the theme would be a plus
    4. infinity scroll might be a very nice feature. Here are some references:–sector.html
    If it is not possible under any circumstances — the feature with fancy left/right arrows on a single page is nice as well. It is worse for bounce rate than infinity scroll, but nice as well. But it should be designed very cool. I checked millions of plugins and wasn’t able to find a really good one. I can try to find some references if needed.
    5. the rest of the mentioned features in your articles

    1. Hello, one more thing I would like to advise to improve – is to optimize code to reduce server load. This is very very very important as well. I would put it on the third place by importance

      1. Hello Denis,

        I’m planning to update the post and explaining all the features.

        And regarding the features like Forum integration and WooCommerce integration are the features requested by many NewsPaperTimes customers. So that is why we are planning to add it.

        And for the features like RTL, Color Specific Category and other features I will explain it in detail.

        And noted your suggestion.

        Thank you for your feedback.

  3. I will make suggestions as and when they come to mind.
    1.There must be an option to customise the height and width of videos so that they fit in the side bar.
    2.There must be better,professional page layout.
    3.Sometimes,widgets overlap on the screen. This problem must be sorted out.
    4.Sometimes, there are big gaps on the page.

    1. Hi Rajesh,

      Thank you so much for your suggestions, Here are some of the question I have if you don’t mind.

      2. You think we should do some design changes as well?

      3. Which widgets are you talking about. Can you name them please?

      4. If you could be a bit specific on them, then it would really help us understand and fix in the update.

      Thanks again for your valuable feedback!

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