NewspaperTimes Update Available – Version 2.0 Released!

We just released NewspaperTimes version 2.0 about an hour ago. This update was getting delayed because of some unavoidable circumstances. 12 new features & around 10 bugs have been fixed in this update.

Here is the list of some of them:

  • Mobile & Tablet Support
  • Better SEO – Integrated with Joost de Valk’s ‘WordPress SEO’ by default.
  • reCAPTCHA integrated with Contact form
  • Even more Ad Blocks
  • No more static tabs, Tabs widget added
  • Floating social Sharebox
  • TimThumb updated
  • Facebook automatically gets first image from the article.
  • Google +1 share counter button in article
  • Integrated Branded Login area
  • Category name appear twice on Block #1
  • H1 for better SEO
  • Bug Fixed: Featured Slider #2
  • Bug Fixed: Browser compatibility issue with Share this.
  • Bug Fixed: Ad#5 hides when Author box is off
  • Bug Fixed: Navigation overlaps with content
  • Bug Fixed: HomeTab moving very often
  • Bug Fixed: Blank space appear when turning off one of the navigation menu
  • Bug Fixed: First letter of Post title automatically becomes capital.

How do i Update my theme?
If you purchase the theme, You will get the updated version by default. But if you are already a NewspaperTimes user, then you have to manually update the theme. Just download the theme from your download area and read the instructions.html file, which is located at themefolder/update/instructions.html. We have already reset the download counters for existing customers, So you can download again.


All credit goes to our awesome users for suggesting the new features and reporting bugs.

If you have any questions, please ask on Support Forums

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14 thoughts on “NewspaperTimes Update Available – Version 2.0 Released!”

  1. Hello,

    I want to ask a question about the Newspapertimes theme. All the new themes have Mobile & Tablet Support, i can test it by changing the browser size, but if i change browser size on this theme, it just does not change its look like the other themes? On the theme page there is no information which says “Mobile & Tablet Support” but the other themes say.

    You say, with this update this theme also has Mobile & Tablet Support and also the demo one is the 2.0 version which has Mobile & Tablet Support, but i think it does not support. Is there something wrong with the theme or do i miss something?

    1. Thank you for your interest, I apologize for not getting back to you on time.

      Yes, this theme supports Mobile & Tablet screen adaptation, theme has been update few days ago (with some minor bugs related to responsive screen adaptation and other minor bugs fixed) and the current version of NewspaperTimes theme is 4.0. We will update the product page soon (thank you for letting us know)
      We are in middle of an upgrade process, after that all of our themes will be Mobile & Tablet Support enabled.

      If you have any question you can directly email me at matt @

      1. Thanks for the answer. I’ve done some modifications on the footer. I will you give you a feedback when I finished everything.

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