NewspaperTimes 2017 Version 1.1 is now available!

We have been working hard on the NewspaperTimes 2017 version 1.1 Update release. It’s finally out now and the users can update it from updates section of their WordPress Dashboard.

Let’s have a look at the changelog of this release:

  • 2 new Header styles added. [ENHANCEMENT]
  • NEW Header style: Full width header added in the customizer. Which allows you to add Big logo banner in the header. [ENHANCEMENT]
  • NEW Header style: Logo on the left with the AD on the right.
  • Single Post sidebar out of place if post has no related posts [BUG FIX]
  • Added an option to add Analytics code in the customizer [ENHANCEMENT]
  • Current Date is coming up instead of Published date [BUG FIX]
  • Option added to Enable & Disable the ‘Breaking News’ in the header [ENHANCEMENT]
  • Added an option to display the Headlines News ticker. [ENHANCEMENT]
  • Post Edit link added which will be visible only to Admin [ENHANCEMENT]
  • Added an option to show or hide the Related Posts [ENHANCEMENT]
  • Author info was not connected to archive pages properly [BUG FIX]
  • All the Sidebar related issues fixed [BUG FIX]
  • Sidebar widget is conflicting with Yoast SEO plugin [BUG FIX]
  • WP Debug issues fixed [BUG FIX]
  • Mobile Menu overlay on the content which could possibliy cause issues with AD networks, Fixed. [BUG FIX]
  • Mobile menu icon position issue in the 768 viewport. [BUG FIX]
  • Spelling is corrected in search.php [BUG FIX]
  • Dropdown support added for Small Menu on the top header [ENHANCEMENT]
  • Sidebar class name is removed in after property and replaced with the functionality of Mag builder. [BUG FIX]
  • Better compatibility with Mag Builder and other plugins checked and fixed the code. [ENHANCEMENT]
  • Stylesheet improvements [BUG FIX]
  • Back to Top icon removed for proper optimization. [ENHANCEMENT]

THANK YOU to all the customers and users who have been using and giving their amazing feedback.

We will always continue to improve. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “NewspaperTimes 2017 Version 1.1 is now available!”

  1. Glad to see the updates on bug issues. Some of my clients were asking for fixation of the mobile menu. Thanks for sharing the enhancement areas as well.

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