Today, I will be sharing a little bit about our journey, what we learned and the Preview of NewspaperTimes Redesign for 2017. 


2016 in perspective:

First of all, Thank you so much for your support so far. This year, we have made so many developments and some new projects. Some were good and some were not so, but they were great learning experiences. This year has also taught me the importance of focus, so with all these learnings, I want to put my 200% focus and energy into making the best WordPress theme in the world.

The New Move

You might recall that we did a survey and beta testing of the new theme a few months ago and after 7 long months of development, we have recently finished a new theme called ‘Magazine3 and we have been able to get it live on the ThemeForest about two weeks ago, there are pros and cons of going on ThemeForest but overall, we think that we this would be a good strategy in the long term.

You may have noticed that we have not announced this new move officially. That is because we are still trying to get proper feedback from the early customers of the theme, we want to do some more refinements and polishing in updates before we announce it to everyone.

Punch line is:

We want to make the best News & Magazine theme in the world.

NewspaperTimes Redesign for 2017

We have decided to redesign our most popular theme ‘NewspaperTimes’ for the modern times without losing its essence and soul. This NewspaperTimes theme will be built from scratch and will be a part of our new theme, which is powered by a powerful frontend Cornerstone page builder with all the modern features. This will be released as a part of design update in the Magazine3 theme by the end of this month.

Here are the screenshots, full preview links are available at the end of screenshots.


View Demo | Retina version | Single | Single Retina

You (End user) + Me (M3 Team) = WE (as a community)

The main reason of sharing the preview is to collect your feedback. We need your feedback on this, and I want you to know that we respect and every feedback from our customers and we take all of them into consideration.

I’m personally available for each and every person who is willing to share the feedback. You can email me on my personal email: It would be great if we could schedule a Skype call, it will really help me to get to know you and your feedback, my Skype id is: matt.kaludi or you can also call me on personal number +91 9676214027.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your amazing support.

Ahmed Kaludi
(CEO & Co-founder)

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9 thoughts on “SneakPeek of NewspaperTimes 2017 Redesign”

  1. Hello! We are eagerly waiting for the update of Newpaper times. Any indication, when it will be released?

  2. I have using newspapers time from 2013. I need to change theme for techical questions. I can use the new restyling theme newspapertimes ? Then I wait your reply I don’t can use too newspapertimes old version… Otherwise I unfortunatly, must change theme at soon….

    Thanks for your reply

    Merola giuseppe owner

  3. Hi
    Cool theme, but you need to add a pop up registration and Front End User Profile.
    And leave the social buttons in the header
    Thank you

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