A Simple Guide to Making Your WordPress Websites Mobile Friendly

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Did you know that, within a short period of time, mobile is going to take over desktop Internet usage? According to a recent research, out of 2.33 billion Internet users, 1.2 billion are using mobile Internet to browse information online. That’s a whooping increase in mobile Internet usage, right?

Even if you are targeting social media sites like Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc. to increase your website traffic, mobile Internet users contribute more. It means, you won’t get more social media traffic if your website is not mobile responsive.

As we all know the fact that, there are tons of websites are coming into existence each and every single day. If your websites are not mobile responsive, you are losing so much money and traffic on the table in this crowded online market. This is the reason why we came up with this topic to help you solve this problem to make your websites mobile friendly. Now let’s get into the details.

Why make your WordPress sites mobile friendly?

You may ask, why should I bother about making my site mobile friendly? I’ll clarify you.

Millions of people are now using their smart phones, androids and tablets to browse online information. Around 75% of people use smart phones to go through day to day information like news, checking blogs, buy things online etc.

Just imagine, how much traffic you would be losing if your website is not optimized for mobile phones or tablets? And how much sales you are losing on the table each and every day just because your site is not mobile responsive?

This is the #1 reason why you must consider making your WordPress blogs and website into mobile friendly designs.

A mobile friendly design gives you

  • More traffic
  • More social shares
  • More sales
  • More email subscribers
  • Access of your site in all devices
  • Better user experience

What else you want? So this is the RIGHT time to transform your WordPress websites into mobile responsive design. In this article, I’m going to share simple and effective ways to making your WordPress blog mobile friendly. Are you ready?

How to create mobile optimized WordPress blogs?

Do I have your attention now? Let’s talk about the simple tips to create a responsive website.

Using premium WordPress themes

If you are using a free or cheap theme, mostly your site will not be mobile responsive. There are so many reasons, mobile responsive themes need extra code in order to turn your site into a responsive design. Extra code means extra work for the theme designers. So it’s always hard to find mobile responsive themes that are free or cheap.

This is the reason why you need to invest some money on buying a premium theme that automatically runs your websites across all the devices, be it desktop, mobiles or tablets. Themes like Genesis, Thesis, Magazine 3 are the best example for the premium themes that offer mobile responsive design for your WordPress websites.

Moreover, by using premium themes, you will also get support from the developers to turn your WordPress sites more awesome. So what are you waiting for? Here’s a great collection of themes for all your business needs, give it a try once. Of course, they are all responsive mobile-friendly WordPress themes.

Using to WordPress mobile plugins create a responsive design

WP touch plugin: There’s a reason why I put this one in #1 in the list. WP touch plugin is an easy way of converting your WordPress site into a fully mobile friendly website. You don’t have to be a tech savvy to optimize your WordPress websites into a responsive design, just use this plugin and it will do the rest.

Above all, it’s a free plugin to use. Before, I have used this plugin on few of my blogs, and it really worked well for me. It turned my WP websites into responsive without taking too much time to load on smart phones or tablets. So, if you are searching for a WP plugin to make your WP theme mobile responsive, you should not ignore this plugin.

WP mobile detector: This is another plugin that makes it easy for you to automatically create a responsive design for over 5,000 mobile devices. That means, this plugin automatically detects the visitor’s behavior on which smart phone they are using and loads your WordPress sites accordingly. You just need to install and activate the plugin, this plugin will automatically converts your site into a mobile friendly design for over 5,000 mobiles.

This plugin also help you detect unique visitors from smart phones who are using your WordPress sites all over the world. This helps you track your Google analytics results better to increase your website traffic.

Using domain mapping method to create a mobile friendly WordPress sites

In simple terms, domain mapping is adding extra domains to your primary hosting account. I hope the following example will further clarify what a domain mapping exactly is.

Have you ever browsed m.facebook.com? Yes, you can browse through easily by using the feature like domain mapping. If you use domain mapping method, you can effortlessly make your visitors browse through your sites simply by typing m.yourblogname.com on their browsers, isn’t this awesome?

If you don’t want to buy a responsive theme or thinking a different way to make your theme mobile friendly, domain mapping is what you need. Here’s a detailed tutorial to help you how to exactly get this done.

Important thing to remember while creating a mobile responsive site

Use mobile responsive testing websites to check and confirm whether your site is loading across all the devices like smart phones, tablets etc. There are so many websites available to check your mobile compatibility, I recommend you to use Mobile Test site to get this done.

In a nutshell: If your site is not mobile responsive, give #1 priority to using the above WordPress tips to create a responsive design. You will not only notice an increase in your traffic spike, but you will also provide a great experience to the visitors who browse your websites using their mobiles. If you are a beginner, I would strongly suggest you to either use a premium theme to make your site mobile friendly or use a plugin like WP touch.

Is your site mobile responsive? Please share your thoughts.

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