Magazine3 is now open for WordPress Fans & Internet

Boy! that took us two months to finally launch Magazine3. Magazine3 is WordPress Premium Theme Club. We are planning to two high quality themes each month.

I am Matt, and i will be giving you a little tour of what Magazine3 is and what it is all about.

About Magazine3 & Our Themes

We at Magazine3 are very innovative about the WordPress Magazine Themes and we are planning to take the wordpress themes to the whole next level. So the word ‘Magazine3’ is made up of the WordPress Magazine and the current version of WordPress ‘3.0’.  Right now we have with 3 magazine themes Ultimate Showbiz, GameUp & StyleLife. All themes are optimized with recent versions of codes for better performance.

Main idea behind the Magazine3 is to take wordpress themes to the next level,and yet make them simpler to use for user. So we have options panel but nothing is overloaded. We also give a very fast response to the customers for any kind of support. Wheather it is related to Magazine3 themes or just some general question, We are always available to help users.

More Stuff…

Well, there is not much to talk about yet, but we will give you the updates about the updates & tutorial on blog. We also have Affiliate Program that helps webmasters to earn 20% money of each theme they sell via their affiliate link. Plus we offer $10 as Sign Up bonus for new affiliate member.

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