Top 5 Email List Building Plugins that Skyrocket Your Subscribers

The money is in the list. How many times have you heard it? I know, A LOT of times. But have you ever started building an email list?

Just to make things simple, here’s my take on building a list. If you want more sales, you need more subscribers. Without having an email list, it’s impossible to make passive income from your websites.

top wordpress list building plugins

In this article, I’m going to share few essential list building plugins that help you boost your subscribers.

Why build an email list?

First things first, why should you build a list?

Want to quickly grow your sales? Build an email list. Want to build targeted traffic to your websites? Email list is what you need. Want to increase your ROI? Email list is the key.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to build a list of unique prospects or not, you need a responsive email list of subscribers to make passive income from your online businesses. Having an email list on your websites will not only help you get more targeted traffic, but it also helps you build trust.

Why use plugins to build an email list?

Why use plugins or additional tools to build list, you may ask.

The reason here is simple, list building plugins will help you QUICKLY grow your email list. They come with additional features, easy drag and drop options, beautiful opt-in forms (or popup forms) to boost your email subscribers.

If you are giving away something for free (eBook, plugin, theme or anything else) with a great email list building plugin, you can skyrocket your subscribers.

In other words, a rocking list building plugin + a freebie gives you quick results in growing your list. So what is next?

Want to find out the best email list building plugins? Let’s jump into the details without much ado.

Best email list building plugins in 2014

Here are few handpicked list building plugins that will help you grow your subscribers really fast. Note that, all of these plugins are premium and they are worth each and every penny.

1. Popup domination

One of the best ways to quickly grow your email list is by showing a popup on your websites. When used right, popups give you better conversion rates when compared to any other. But the problem with most popup plugins is that they destroy your site loading time and user experience.

Here’s where Popup domination plugin came into existence by eliminating user frustrating elements. You can create cute and visually appealing popup forms on your websites by using Popup domination plugin.

Features of Popup domination plugin:

  • Multiple theme designs with lots of color options
  • Customizable title text
  • A/B testing to increase your conversion rates
  • Analytics and stats
  • Page specific popups to show optin forms at targeted pages
  • Force subscribe (enables to read your MOST valuable content pages only after subscribing)
  • Entry/Exit popups


popup domination price

Download Popup domination plugin

2. OptinMonster

Who else wants to convert abandoning visitors into email subscribers? OptinMonster is a premium list building WordPress plugin that helps you create great looking optin forms on your sites including many other features.

OptinMonster plugin is not only helpful for creating drag and drop optin forms, but it also has “exit-intent technology” to turn abandoning visitors into subscribers. Exit-intent technology shows an opt-in form just when someone decides to leave your websites.

If you have a great email list freebie, by using this feature, you can skyrocket your subscribers.

Features of OptinMonster plugin:

  • Exit intent technology (helps you turn abondoning visitors into customers)
  • A/B testing
  • Multiple optin form types
  • Actionable insights (analize clicks and overall conversion rates)
  • Targeted campaigns (to create optin forms at specific pages or posts)

Pricing: OptinMonster comes in 4 pricing packages

  1. Basic package is of $49 and you can use only one site (without “Exit intent” technology)
  2. Plus package is of $99, you can use on 3 sites (without “Exit intent” technology)
  3. Pro package comes at $199 and you can use on unlimited sites (with one year support)
  4. Ultimate package comes at $349 and you will get unlimited of everything.

Download OptinMonster Plugin

3. Optimize Press

If you want to grow your email list really fast, build landing pages. Landing pages are golden when it comes to building lists. They are less distractive and hence you can get high conversion rates on your email optin forms. You need to make sure to give less options on your landing pages to get better conversions.

Creating landing pages using Optimize Press is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You don’t have to be a tech savvy to create mesmerizing landing pages on your WordPress sites by using Optimize Press plugin.


  • Create stunningly beautiful landing pages
  • Protect membership portals
  • Sales and marketing pages
  • Product launch funnels
  • Free training and course pages
  • Webinar registration pages

Pricing: Optimize Press comes in 3 pricing packages

  1. Core package at $97 (use on up to 3 sites)
  2. Publisher package at $197 (usage up to 10 sites)
  3. Pro package at $297 (unlimited site usage)

Get Optimize Press

4. Hybrid Connect

If you want to get more subscribers, use more signup forms. You can use signup forms almost anywhere you want on your websites by using Hybrid Connect, it also has 30 stylist templates to use.

This is by far the cheapest, yet most effective list building WordPress plugins out there. Hybrid Connect offers you so many features that you can’t imagine, you can create anything from landing page to sidebar optin form using Hybrid Connect.

Features of Hybrid Connect: Hybrid Connect offers too many features when compared to any other list building WordPress plugin. Here’s what you get with Hybrid Connect

  • Content Opt-In Forms
  • Sidebar Opt-In Forms
  • Popup Forms
  • Slide-In Opt-In Boxes
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Comment List Building
  • Over 30 Stylish Templates
  • Video Opt-In Forms
  • Split testing


Hybrid Connect pricing

Download Hybrid Connect

5. Hello Bar

I first saw this cute little hello bar on blog and I must say it caught my attention instantly. I was not aware of newsletter before, I only subscribed after seeing their optin form at the header (above the logo). That’s the beauty of this plugin, it helps your visitors to see your optin forms without hurting readership.

Hello bar features:

  • Stats (you can see overall impressions, clicks and click through rates)
  • Various color themes
  • Sticky option
  • Various buttons
  • A/B testing (to help you get more click through rates)

Pricing: Hello bar is free for up to 100 clicks, from then onwards you have to pay additional amount for the amount of clicks you get.

price of hello bar

Get Hello Bar account


So what are you waiting for? Which email list building plugin you are going to prefer? Do you have any other WordPress list building plugin recommendations?

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3 thoughts on “Top 5 Email List Building Plugins that Skyrocket Your Subscribers”

  1. Great list. But you happen to be missing an all time favorite..the most comprehensive WP plugin Icegram. Practically, Icegram is a 4-in-one plugin which does popups, action bars, messengers and notification messages..has been a great time and energy saver for me and the best list builder tool I have come across. Do check it, you wouldn’t regret doing so.

  2. I want to recommend one more WordPress list building plugin that is “LeadPages”. It will help you to create high converting landing pages within minutes. You can create your own 2-step opt-ins with LeadBoxes. These allow you to turn any link on any website into a link that displays a popover when clicked (can increase conversion rates by 30%).

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