Introducing NewspaperTimes 2017 – Re-Designed & Re-Engineered

After the months of hard work, we are happy to announce the release of all-new ‘NewspaperTimes 2017‘. We were planning to do this theme for two years now and we did many versions of it, our idea was to release this as an update but we ended up making it as a separate theme.

Please continue to read to find out why we did it.

The Original Idea

Our original idea was to release this as an update but we were not able to achieve what wanted to achieve by modifying the old theme. It was just too much of code restructuring and we still couldn’t get the results that we were expecting, so we decided to design and build it from scratch and release it a separate theme! It was not an easy process at all!
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A New Theme

Many of you might think that this is an update of the NewspaperTimes theme, and it does look and feel a lot like it but it’s not an update. It’s a completely new theme that just feels like the original NewspaperTimes theme and has the essence of it. We actually spent around more than 5 months working on this theme and I can confidently say that I am very satisfied with the output!

Flexibility with Page Builder

The Homepage of the NewspaperTimes is powered by a very light and easy to use Page builder that is available internally within the theme.
Click to view the features & Demo.

Solving a Problem

After talking to hundreds of customers, we found out that one of the most important requests that they had was an ‘ability to add or remove the category blocks and being able to control every aspect of it’. and We were able to solve that exact problem with this theme. The second was performance and that is also at the core of it.

What about Existing NewspaperTimes Customers?

To make it up to the customers who has purchased the classic version of NewspaperTimes, the all-new NewspaperTimes 2017 theme will be available at a special discount price. More details about this will be sent out in the email newsletter.

A New Beginning

We have made many changes and learned a lot from our experiences. All I want you to know that this is a new beginning of an era.

Thank you so much for all your support, love and feedback!

We really appreciate it and we will continue to working hard to make things easier for you every day!

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