Introducing FLAGSHIP themes – Focusing on Huge Improvements & New Features


We have been planning to add new features and improve all of our themes, but having 39 different themes makes it very difficult for us to focus, we can keep working on just one theme for months (literally) and it still wouldn’t be finished. So we were searching for a way, where we can improve the themes to the maximum and still not feel guilty about not improving our themes. After many late night conversations and meetings, I stumbled upon an idea (it’s more of a term than an idea) that is widely used in the software & business field, it’s called “Flagship products“. I can go on and on but I think Encyclopedia explains it better, here is what they say about Flagship Product:

A primary product of a company, which is typically why the company was founded and/or what made it well known. For example, MS-DOS, Windows and the Microsoft Office suite have been flagship products of Microsoft. CorelDRAW is a flagship product of Corel Corporation. [Source: Encyclopedia]

Rather than using Flagship Products, we are using the word ‘Flagship Themes’, which I think is easy to relate with and easy to understand.  Some of you might be aware of the term ‘Core Product‘, the philosophy of it is very similar to Flagship Products.

It is very difficult for us to improve all the themes, because every theme has its own requirements as it caters to a different niche. So, after tracking lots of reports and customer behavior, we decided to add 4 themes in our Flagship themes category. This doesn’t mean that we won’t be updating other themes, but the amount of focus and energy that we will be putting in the flagship product will be different. We have a vision for these Flagship products and I think we can really contribute to it and make them more useful and extraordinary.

Here are the themes we considered as Flagship themes:

1. NewspaperTimes

2. TheStylist

3. TastyFood

4. CelebrityGossip

At this point you will have some questions in mind, I had too, so lets answer few of them.

Why only 4 out of 39?

Because, we can handle only 4 themes at the moment, and we will add more themes in Flagship category in near future.

So this means all other themes will not receive any future updates?

No, we are not leaving out our themes dying. We have been updating our themes in the past and we will continue to do, so all of our themes will get updated normally so that they are compatible with the latest version of WordPress. You can check all the update related details at

I hope this community will believe in our decision to improve themes and will also contribute their ideas on how we can make the themes better in terms of coding and the design.

You will see some huge upgrades in Flagship themes in the upcoming months. As always, we are very excited (and nervous at the same time) to hear your thoughts and opinions. Please do not hesitate to grill us because that honesty and truth will only help us get the clarity we want for the future.

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8 thoughts on “Introducing FLAGSHIP themes – Focusing on Huge Improvements & New Features”

  1. I can fully understand the move and from my ignorant perspective it sounds like a wise one. From what I understand having 4 “types” certainly reduces the amount of updates and fixes. I’ve said this before and I think it bears repeating, that your customer service and attention to detail is what keeps me in the Magazine3 fold.

    I am constantly complimented on how my blog looks and I wish I could take all the credit but you and the world know that it’s your themes that do it. As far as I can see into my muddy future as long as you are in business you’ll have mine.

  2. I think you made a good call.

    In part because those are very powerful themes and also because it shows that you are thinking about the future of your offering which as a client makes me feel better as I have invested in your company (by buying your themes) so I also have an interest in you guys keeping a float.

    However, a big part of why I bought into Magazine3 is because of the many diff themes, so while do focus on Flagships, don’t forgot about existing ones and don’t stop pushing out new themes.

    All the best.

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