How to Make WordPress Website Optimized for Mobile Devices?

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It may tempt you to think that just making your website responsive you can address the mobile traffic. But that is far from a realistic thinking. We all know that mobile traffic make up the majority of web traffic and now even according to latest Google algorithm update friendliness to mobile devices is a great determinant factor to the overall ranking potential of the site. While mobile friendliness can seriously impact your search engine ranking you need to take extreme care in this respect. WordPress websites typically require more mobile friendly development and design maneuvers to make them optimized for mobile devices and to fulfill this requirement responsive web design is not enough for WordPress websites, especially for optimizing the site to garner business benefits.

Making mobile friendly website is not just a trend that will pass like many other design trends. With mobile devices fast making traditional desktops obsolete and limited in use optimizing website for handheld devices is a necessity that no business can ignore. From impacting your search ranking in a positive way to being accessible to bigger volume of web traffic to utilizing an array of mobile friendly technologies like location sensing to the advantage of your business, mobile optimization will help your business growth in more than one way.

1. Make a mobile optimization plan as per your traffic

First of all, before taking the mobile optimization project for your WordPress website it is important to know your audience or your website traffic. How many of your visitors are accessing the site from mobile devices and how the number is increasing etc. This will tell you how much your web presence depends on the mobile visitors and how crucial it is for your website to be ready for the mobile challenge. You can make this assessment simply by installing on the WordPress website an analytics tool. Google Analytics is a great tool with overall capability with an array of metrics. Typically Google Analytics tool helps you can getting the mobile traffic information in the below mentioned categories.

  • Website with a single URL for a typical desktop website devoid of responsive features or a mobile friendly website.
  • Standalone mobile website with separate URL.
  • A mobile web application.

2. Selecting a Mobile Friendly Theme for your WordPress website

Choosing a theme that suits perfectly to different mobile screens is preferred as the easy way to optimize your WordPress business website for mobile devices. To make your job easy there is an array of WordPress mobile themes to choose online including both the premium and free ones. Most of these themes are designed to offer your website a consistent web experience irrespective of the device through which the site is being accessed.

3. Testing the WordPress site on mobile devices

Even after selecting a great mobile friendly theme you have to test it on different mobile devices to ensure that it looks perfectly fine. Though from a practical point of view it is quite impossible to test the new theme on the sea of different mobile devices available in the market, testing it at least on some major devices is recommended.
Keeping the practical constraint of testing the website theme on different devices it is recommended to test it on a testing environment that will give you accurate results and accordingly you can decide whether it lacks mobile specific attributes or not. You can set up such a testing environment on your desktop or Mac system without requiring actual mobile devices for testing purpose. Let us offer below some of the popular testing environments for testing your mobile WordPress theme.

XAMPP: You can create a local host mobile testing environment on desktops and laptops running on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

MAMP: With this you can set up a local host testing environment on desktops and laptops running on Mac OS X.

WampServer: This let you set up a testing and mobile web development environment on systems running on Windows.

4. Using some well known techniques for a responsive WordPress theme

When you have a WordPress website with theme that is not enough responsive for mobile websites you can optimize the theme for mobile websites by some well known techniques mentioned below.

Defining media queries

By adjusting the CSS file or style sheet of the respective responsive WordPress theme to the device screen size you can optimize the theme for mobile devices. Typically mobile screen maximum width remains 320 PX, though you can set the screen sizes to various screen sizes ranging from 48 PX to 780 PX to 024 PX.

Using responsive images in the WordPress theme

There are many WordPress sites that in spite of their responsive layout do not show the images in the theme properly across mobile devices. This happens because the images used in the theme are not responsive. To solve this problem you need to change the theme images to responsive types. You can do this by simply assigning relative units to the images of the website than assigning fixed pixel dimensions. You can easily do that by setting the maximum width of the image at 100%.

Adjusting text size to the screen size

Making adjustment to the size of the text to the mobile screen size is another important method to optimize the WordPress site for mobile devices. Viewing on small screen devices like that of mobile the text size normally appears bigger and so adjusting the text size to the size of the device screen is crucial for ensuring a perfect mobile view.

We all know that mobile devices are fast leaving behind all other traditional devices for accessing web. Browsing the internet on the go and making internet a living phenomenon with millions of mobile apps – these two aspects made mobile devices irreplaceable in the present context of our internet browsing. Similarly, this emerging mobile scenario is also providing an array of challenges as well. Most notably, thanks to mobile web browsing became terribly impatient and merciless to design mistakes. A poor website display on mobile screen can no longer be tolerated. That is precisely the reason why optimizing mobile WordPress site is so crucial for your business.

About The Author – Juned Ahmed is a founder and head of marketing department at IndianAppDevelopers company leading brand among iPhone and Android app developers company, Juned is passionate for writing about the ways in which mobile app technology changing the whole world.

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