WordPress displays the latest posts in reverse chronological order by default. Sometimes you may want to post something but wish not to display it on homepage, this is a must have feature for bloggers. There is great plugin that allows you to do this called ‘WP Hide Post‘.  I remember helping people to achieve this feature in their WordPress theme by excluding the specific category from the WordPress loop, but you don’t need to touch any code because ‘WP Hide Post’ plugin does a good job for you. (Note: Video tutorial is embedded of this post) 

What exactly is WP Hide Post ?

This plugin excels in giving you full control over the visibility of your a post. By default, any post you add to your WordPress blog will become the topmost post, and will show up immediately on the front page in the first position, and similarly in category/tag/archive pages. Sometimes, you want to create a “low-profile” addition to your blog that doesn’t belong on the front page, or maybe you don’t want it to show up anywhere else in your blog except when you explicitly link to it.

How to use WP Hide Post

1. Go to Dashboard, then navigate to Plugin and click on ‘Add New’

Add new plugin WordPress

2. Type ‘WP Hide Post’ in the Search field and click on ‘Search Plugin’ and then click on ‘Install Now’.

Wp hide post wordpress plugin

3. Once installed, activate the plugin and you will see a new box appear on the post editing screen which you see when you click on ‘Add New‘ post. From that panel, just click on the checkbox ‘‘ to hide that post from the homepage of your WordPress website.

Add New post visibility

Video Tutorial

That’s all!

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3 thoughts on “How to Hide a Post from Homepage in WordPress”

  1. Great article. Helped a lot, but I should mention that there are two similarly named Plugins — (1) Hidepost, (2) WP Hide Post. It’s the SECOND ONE that people should be installing. I installed the first thinking it was the same, but it didn’t work, so I had to go back and look up “WP Hide Post” specifically on the Plugin’s list.

    Hopefully that will help others avoid some confusion! 🙂

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