How to Get More Social Shares On Your WordPress Sites

People need to discover you NO MATTER WHAT if you want to build a successful online business. But it becomes very hard if you don’t have prior online reputation or proper marketing skills to succeed.

Get more Social Sharing on WordPress site FB

If content is king, then promotion is the queen. Without proper promoting skills, it becomes impossible to spread your message or ideas in this crowded online world.

Getting more social shares on your posts is not a rocket science. Even if you are a beginner, by following few simple tips, you can get more social shares on your WordPress blog posts.

Social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest etc. have become so popular that you can’t ignore to build a profitable online business. One of the best ways to build massive audience around your blogs or websites is to build raving fans on social media sites.

This is the reason why most bloggers are now focusing on getting more social shares on their blog posts. Having more social shares on your posts can

But few people don’t get much social shares no matter how hard they work on their posts. So in this detailed guide, we’ll discuss about few surefire ways to get more social shares on your WordPress sites.

Easy ways to get more social shares on WordPress

Write clickable headlines

Your headlines determine the number of social shares you get. If you have mediocre headlines, forget about getting more social shares, no one would be even interested in clicking them.

Write winning headlines that persuade other people to instantly click on your links. Observe any post that goes viral on social media sites, you will notice that it has a powerful headline.

Optimize your URL’s (OR)

Which one among the above is more interesting, and easy to read? Obviously the first one, right?

Optimizing your URL’s will not only help you get more social shares, but they will also improve your search engine rankings. So don’t forget to optimize your URL’s for readers.

Less is more when it comes to increasing social shares

Let me tell you a psychological fact. If you give too many options to people, they choose nothing.

The less options you give, the more conversions you will get. Less is always more. This is especially true when it comes to increasing your social shares.

Provide less social media buttons on your blog posts. You don’t have to use every social media button under the sun, it only frightens your blog readers to share you content.

Limit your social sharing buttons to 3 to 4. I personally use and recommend only 3 sharing buttons on my blog and I get a decent amount of shares (average of 100 social shares per post) on every post I publish.

Only use those social sharing buttons where you spend most of your time. If you don’t open Pinterest at least once a week, it’s better NOT to use the Pinterest button at all.

Different social media sites need different tactics

Facebook is different. Twitter is different. And Google+ is different. Every social media site is different from the other.  So you need to adopt various tactics to get the most out of them.

If you want to get more likes or shares on Facebook, use Facebook groups and actively promote others contents. Find and join the relevant groups on Facebook, ask your blogging peers to share your contents on their Facebook pages. But before seeking others help, promote their content first.

If you want more tweets on your blog posts, start using tools like Just Retweet. Just Retweet is a twitter community where people promote your links on twitter to reach a wider audience. You have to spend credits to promote your links on twitter, you can earn credits by promoting others contents. It’s a great way to increase the number of tweets per each post.

Also, don’t forget to tweet with different combination of headlines to attract a different type of audience to your websites from twitter.  Ask people to retweet by using @RT, just by doing this, you will be able to get more retweets on your tweets.

Knowing when to tweet can help you get more tweets. Here’s a simple image that demonstrates the importance of posting your tweets on Saturday’s.

best time to tweet

If you want to get more Pinterest shares, use appealing images that make your blog posts go viral. Use tools like Quozio, or learn photoshop skills to create better images that grab others attention. You will get more pins if you have extremely appealing images on your Pinterest boards or web pages.

If you want more Google+ shares, actively spend more time on sharing others posts. Try to increase your Google+ profile followers by promoting quality links and engage with other users who are active on Google+. Whenever you share something on Google+, ask people to give it a +1, and use compelling headlines to increase your traffic.

Track social shares

If you want to increase social shares on WordPress, track your social media shares first. You can use various free tools to track and analyze your visitor behavior who is sharing your blog posts.

By tracking social shares, you will understand which social media site is getting more shares so that you can spend more time on it to increase your reach.

Here are a few tools you can try to track social shares of any website.

Ask people to share

Most people don’t ask others to share their blog posts. How can you expect more social shares on your posts without even asking for help?

Use call to actions at the end or the beginning of your posts and ask your readers to share your contents. They would be happy to share if your content is interesting or highly relevant.

In a nutshell: Getting a more social share on WordPress sites is one of the best ways to increase your online reach, reputation, and social proof. Start promoting others’ content before seeking their help and always follow win/win approach to use social media sites wisely. Limit your social sharing buttons, use better plugins like Digg Digg, Flares etc. to increase your social shares for each post.

Please share your tips on increasing social shares in the comment section below. I’d consider your precious thoughts!

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