How to Get More Comments On Your WordPress Sites

get more blog comments on wordpress

Getting more blog comments on your sites is not a rocket science. But I know it’s hard if you are new to blogging world, I’ve been there, tried so many ways to increase the blog comments. And here I’m writing this detailed post to increase your comments count. Start taking action after reading the post, and you’ll notice the results.

Why blog comments matter?

Here are the 3 strong reasons why you need to try hard to get more comments on your WordPress sites.

  1. Comments build relationships
  2. Search engines love comments (the more you get, the more frequently they crawl your web pages)
  3. Blog comments increase social proof (if a blog gets 50+ comments on every post, would you be not interested in reading the stuff on it?)

Proven methods to increase your blog comments

Without much ado, here are the surefire ways to get more comments on your sites.

Reward your commenters

Make sure to reward your commenters only when they leave genuine and thoughtful comments, not one liner comments like great post, awesome stuff, you rock man etc. Genuine comments add value to your blog posts, they will also give you provoking questions to improve your future blog posts. So if someone leaves genuine comments on your posts, here’s how to reward them.

Top commenter plugin: I used this plugin for a long time on my blogs (especially when they are new) to increase the number of comments on my blog posts. And I must tell you, it always worked for me. Install this plugin, and show the widget either on sidebar or footer, you will notice the results.

Leave comments on their blogs: If someone’s leaving good comments on your posts regularly, don’t just respond to them. Go beyond and leave comments on their blog posts too. This way you can foster relationships with the most active commenters on your blogs or websites.

Give a feedback: I used to give personal feedback about their websites to my active blog commenters. I usually charge my clients for giving them a website review, but just because someone’s leaving valuable comments on my blog posts constantly, I need to find a way to show my gratitude. So website reviews work all the time, make sure you are good at reviewing things, become a pro at your topics, this won’t work if you are a newbie.

Offer something every month for commenters: You can conduct contests, or you can giveaway any themes or plugins to those who frequently visits your blogs and leaves comments on your posts.

To get more comments, start commenting

This is not a brainer. Most people don’t leave any comments on your blog posts if they don’t know you. I used to spend a lot of time on leaving comments on others blogs when I was new to blogging. There were two reasons for me to comment on others posts.

  1. I got more online visibility and traffic.
  2. I got more comments whenever I used to leave more comments on others posts.

So you don’t need to search for any more reasons, start commenting on other blogs, you will not only get more comments, but you will also get more visibility in the blogosphere.

Respond to each and every comment

This is the simplest way to increase your blog comments count. Respond to every single comment that you get. This improves your relationships with the commenters. Also, they tend to leave frequent comments just because you are responding to them.

People get pissed off if you seldom respond to their comments. If you are extremely busy in respond to your blog comments, either hire someone who leaves comments for you or take out a day for responding to the comments.

Also try calling your commenters with their names instead of just saying hi while replying. This will humanize your comments and people will be interested in posing more questions in comments.

Having a strong presence on social media can boost your blog comments

Believe it or not, social media presence is the key to get more comments on your WordPress sites. It doesn’t matter whether you are active on one social media site or multiple sites as long as you have strong influence.

You should strive to build a thriving network on social media who can listen, share and promote stuff for you. Don’t use social media to spam others profiles, try to help your followers first by giving quality content. Then, seek their help to get what you want.

If you get instant Facebook shares and tweets after publishing posts on your WordPress sites, the chances are you are going to get more comments on your posts.

Social media shares are directly proportional to the number of blog comments you get. So improve you social shares, don’t use too many social media buttons on your posts and spend quality time to interact with your fans.

Always write powerful headlines

8 out of 10 people read your headlines first. Then they decide whether or not to read your blog posts. If you can’t convince your blog visitors to click on your links through your headlines, you can’t convince them to leave comments. It’s as simple as that!

Here’s a great tutorial by Copyblogger to write powerful headlines for your blog posts. Read it thoroughly to write magnetic headlines to increase your blog comments next time.

Don’t use a professional writing tone

Always use friendly writing tone, not professional. Most online readers don’t read stuff when you write in a professional tone.

We all want to read content that is created in a friendly tone. We don’t need corporate tone while consuming important information. There’s a reason why blogs became so viral, they became popular because of prolific writers who always used friendly tone.

Here are few tips for you.

  • Always use the word YOU in your blog posts.
  • Write as if you are directly talking to your clients, customers or readers.
  • Write for readers first. Optimize later.
  • Focus on simplifying your language. Don’t use complex words.

End your blog posts with a CTA

A CTA (Call To Action) is what persuades people to leave comments on any blog post. Without calling your readers or visitors to take specific action, they won’t do anything for you.

You need to show them a direction after reading your blog posts. What do you want from your readers after reading your posts? Is it making them to leave comments, subscribing to you or buying your products? Decide on that and improve your CTA’s, you will start noticing the results.

So what’s your take on this? What are the other tips do you use to get more comments on your WordPress websites? Please share your comments below.

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7 thoughts on “How to Get More Comments On Your WordPress Sites”

  1. Hi Di,

    Rewarding commenters definitely helps. You need to make sure what type of rewarding system you want to give to your blog commenters. It can be anything from writing a guest post to giving a website feedback.

    Thanks for stopping by. Keep in touch.

  2. I guess if you reward them with content or a free ebook this may actually work. But monetary rewards is definitely not sustainable.

    1. Hey Srikar,

      But wouldn’t that be a temporary way to get the comments?

      I don’t think that type of thing is sustainable… or is it?

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