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It might sound strange or stupid to you but mentally and physically, it is a big deal for us. We have been using a different first name for professional purpose for a while now and we want to change this today. Matt Kaludi’s birth name is Ahmed Kaludi (FB | @ahmed_kaludi) and Mark’s name is Mohammed Kaludi (FB @Mohammed_Kaludi).

Ever since Magazine3 started, we have been stuck with the name that we had picked out in the past and we thought it would just be a temporary thing, but what we started as a small adventure thing turned out to be a real business and we thought that changing the name was not necessary and nobody cares about it. Actually, we had so many different priorities at the beginning that we never even took the names seriously, we only cared about our customers and their problems, so we always used to think that the ‘name’ is not important, and it was not on our priority list.

Now, after almost 5 years with the company, I think it’s still not a problem of our customers, but it has become a big problem for both of us personally. We feel that it is LIMITING our abilities, growth, creativity and freedom to express ourselves, we want to get through this hurdle and go out of our comfort zone and move forward. Here is our story, and I will try my best to keep this short and clear as possible.

The Past.

We started out as freelancers on the Internet. Mohammed was working as a hardware engineer. Growing up, he had a passion for Hardware and electronics, and as you might have guessed, he was good in maths and physics. On the contrary, I was not as good as him in the studies, but I think I was more creative in other fields. While I was studying, the Internet started to grow big in India and it literally took me no efforts to understand the whole concept behind the internet and the softwares, that’s when I fell in love with building websites and softwares. At this point in time, I didn’t know about WordPress as it wasn’t that popular back then. The concept of blogging was still very new for webmasters. It was the time when people used to create static HTML websites and suddenly there was a huge market for HTML/CSS coders who could do freelance work. Initially I was much more interested in creating Softwares for the desktop, but at that time I though that Windows platform isn’t the right way to go since it was really slow and everyone used to get virus and malware (we still get those but we are used to it). I had heard about a revolutionary operating system called ‘Mac OS X Leopard’ and I was obsessed with it, but at that time, Mac was not popular here in India. Most people at that time didn’t even knew about the Mac. Anyway, so I freelanced for a while and after finishing my studies, I was able to make a living out of freelancing and I found out that I was making more than any other job could give me at that time. It was not easy to make a living out of freelancing, but working 16 – 18 hours a day didn’t seem like work to me, it was this new creative thing that I was good with and it also gave me the creative freedom that I wanted.

I was really excited about freelancing as my carrier and wanted to be really professional, now that I look back and think I was somewhat obsessed with it. Most of our clients were from US, UK, Canada, Europe, etc., basically people from native English speaking countries. At that time, we felt that our clients were not able to remember our name and we didn’t even had a design agency website. In this field, we think that them remembering our name is the most important part. If we do a great job for a client then he will recommend us in his social circle, but for that, they must remember our name. We felt that we can only progress faster if our clients could remember our name easily. Back then, it was a very different scenario for us, so we decided to choose a different professional name that they can connect with.

The Present.


5 Years later, we have achieved some great progress in our personal and professional lives. Now I wish I should have used the real name but i don’t know if doing that would have gotten us this far. Anyway, as they say ‘Damage has been done’, we cannot undo what has already happened, but we will understand and fix what needs to be fixed today. We have ambitious plans for Magazine3 but we feel that we are not giving our 100%, so anything that will stop us from becoming a real ambitious executer entrepreneur, we will address that limitation and we will work on it.

The Future.

The future is really exciting because nobody knows what the future holds. After 5-6 years of building magazines themes, we have learned quite a few things about it, one of it is that people still need that perfectly customisable theme that they can bend and change things according to their needs. Let me tell you something from my experience, out of every 10 customers, 8 of them has something or other customized according to their niche and design. It is not possible for normal, non-technical customers to customize those small bits & bytes around the theme, because they just don’t have enough coding knowledge and they also have this fear in their mind that if they touch any part of the code, then they might mess up things which could result in downtime.

We are working on a WordPress theme which will be very customizable and easy to make the changes in the layout, even a user who don’t know anything about coding, this theme will be that simple to use, but it will be very powerful in-terms of layout and functionality. And of course it will be Magazine style layout. We will share a sneak-peak very soon.

Special Thanks to

We sincerely want to thank a few people who suggested us the right thing and helped us in this change.  Thank you so much Vivek Wadhwa (website | @wadhwa), Marie Forleo (website | @marieforleo), Tarun P.K (website | FB), Glenn Younger (website | @younger_glenn) for inspiring us and helping us making our decision.

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38 thoughts on “End of Anonymity, Meet the real founders.”

  1. Ahmed, Mohammed,

    First and foremost happy to meet the real you.

    Its asked whats in a name ? As you guys told it does have its own limitations as our name is our identity and cannot compromise with 🙂

    Am currently using your mommy and me theme and quite impressed with it too. So shall i ask ‘Whats in a name?’

    Double happiness to know that you are from India.

    Carry on the good work!

    1. Hey Sangeetha,

      I am glad to know that you are happy about this fact. It gives us immense happiness to know that people believe in us, and it has also gave us confidence to grow as a company.

      I have stumbled-upon your blog couple of times in past and i was really impressed with the work! Very hard to find active Mommy Bloggers in India.

      It would be great if you can give your suggestions on Feminine theme

      Thanks again!

  2. Great!, I think your “Artistic Name” Is the less important thing, what really matters is the quality of your work, and you create very cool themes, I understand the begginers fear, nobody will remember my name if dont use an american-like name, At that moment, maybe was a wise choice, But, Did you know that in India are some of the greatest coders in the world?, So i think an Indian Name can inspire trust! 🙂

    Keep up with the ggod work!


  3. I understand how difficult it is to make the transition from a name everyone knows but is fake to a real one. I built my reputation on a name I randomly chose one day for a forum username, not realizing that I would come to regret that decision years later. It was tough to rebrand as “me” when everyone knew me as my nickname, but like you, I felt it was important to me and my own self-identity to make that change. Happy for you for coming to this decision. Best wishes.

  4. Finally the suspense is revealed 🙂

    I’m very proud to know that, the founders of Magazine3 are Indians. I have already promoted your themes in my websites. I really liked your designs, SEO optimized coding and features.

    God bless you guys.

    Keep rocking.

    Best Wishes from,

    Akhil K A

  5. Greetings from Chile. I’ve been three years with you and I find your work amazing. If you have taken this option receive our support, love and respect. good luck and success in all your endeavors …

    Saludos desde Chile. Llevo 3 años con ustedes y me parece increíble su trabajo. Si han tomado esta alternativa reciban nuestro apoyo, cariño y respeto. buena suerte y éxito en todo lo que emprendan…

  6. What can I say that has not already been expressed. I think I knew your real first names from responses to my requests for help, now I can see your faces but I think I already know you, like old friends. The themes you create are perfect for people like me who don’t know how to customize and personalize. Over the years I tried this and that company, some were better than others but none really quite filled the bill. Then I stumbled on Magazine3 and things changed. I am still still trying to find my way and my own “identity” with my website blog but most of the work has been done, thanks to you guys. Your service reflects your attitude perfectly, you are patient and never talk down. Thank you Ahmed and Mohammed.

  7. lol, no problems. All my friends with non english speaking names use variants. My best friend Ahmad is Adam to most, but i understand that personally it can feel limiting to hide behind a pen name. All the best! 🙂

  8. I always use pen names when writing — it’s kind of expected. I have one of your beautiful themes and as long as I’ve been able to contact someone with a question and get an answer — I haven’t cared whether his/her name was Popeye The Sailor Man or Geico’s Gecko or Pinocchio or Daryl Hall. Okay… maybe I would have really cared if it were Daryl Hall. Love the quality!

  9. Hello Ahmed and Mohammed.
    I completely understand you chose an alias. After all, we are living in a world in which we have the largest markets within the US and English speaking regions (and hegemonies).
    Sadly, that implies a lot of prejudice, especially prejudice with regard to names which are culturally associated with Muslim traditions, culture, and Islam. I think it is great that you have chosen to use your own names. By the way, you are doing a great job. Whether your name is “Mohamed” or “Christof”, like mine, should utterly inconsequential.
    With warm regards.
    Dr. Christof Lehmann
    nsnbc international

  10. Congrats Ahmed and Mohammed on the success of Magazine3 You two have been amazing with the Design and help with the themes. Look forward to working with the new theme. Thanks to you Two and Magazine3 I have had great success with my site and I feel I have much more to offer with the site and with the hint(You guys a killing me with the tease!) of a new theme. I cannot wait to upgrade and improve the site with it.

    Thanks again for all that you all do!


  11. I have a friend here (in France) who introduce himself as “sami”. We are not a lot to know that his real name is… Isham. I am sad he hide his name because of racism here.
    I hope you don’t faces the same issue.
    I like your real name, and I like the way you act !
    (and by the way, I love India too)
    let’s go Magazine3 !

  12. Serously – you guys rock. Your work and themes are amazing. Your names don’t matter. You could change it to some crazy names if you wanted to – but well done on using your real names.

    Your work has been quality throughout and its been great to follow your journey.

  13. I am so proud of your guys! And Thanks for sharing your story with us. I am a big fan of your templates. Plus your staffs are awesome, Never a problem they couldn’t solve. I wish your guys the very best.

  14. I have often used an “alias” online, I think we all do. For example, everyone that knows me, from a child to now almost my sixth decade of life, as “Rico”, Very few know that my legal name is Enrico. I say legal, because real is the name you use every day and people that you care about (or not) know you by, will remember you by.

    Thanks for the great themes, I am a user of several.


  15. Nice to hear that man. I am huge fan of your themes . I started of my first blog with your themes. xD

    Wish you all a good luck for all the future endeavours . 🙂

    And yeah shakespeare rightly quoted once “What’s there in name?” 😀

  16. Awesome stuff guys. Whatever name you guys had went with, you guys still would’ve been a success in my opinion. Awesome stuff! Magazine3 is easily the best site for magazine themes!

  17. While this is appreciable that you took the step but I really don’t think so that you guys really need to put or keep some professional name especially to cater different parts of the world.

    Also, I too experienced similar things where end customers are very much choosy on selecting work provider but in my work timeline till now I am working with and on my real name only and the best part people now who are choosy earlier are very much happy to hire me as they want work and this is what I am offering them with best of my knowledge. Name don’t take much important place but my work and I am glad people not think much on hiring me.

    So as the same with you guys. It is the best move but even if you do the work with your real name in the starting itself, people will love you because this is your work which play an important role here. 🙂

    All the best

  18. First I want to say thanks for this story, I really appreciate that the staff presents itself to its customers.
    The company name “Magazine3” I really like, is easy to remember.
    I’m your customer and your templates are the best, the best. The template that I have chosen is the beautiful “TheBusinnesNews” (

    I love India.

    With love,
    Pasquale Galasso

    (sorry for my bad english)

  19. Good to see that are you feeling more comfortable now! Keep up the great work and bring more customization to the illiterate masses!

    I’m one of those people who don’t know how to use code. All I can do is search the CSS for colors (#number) or font sizes, change them and then check the website to see what the hell I have ruined, lol. Can’t wait for the new super customizable theme!


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