Customers page is published – We want you to be there

So we were discussing this for a long time to have a page that showcases our customers and their feedbacks but we were not quite sure how to proceed with it. But we had inner discussions and brainstorming and we came up with this idea of customers page about 2 – 3 months ago. We were very busy at that time so we did a blog post about it (Want to be on our customer wall page?) with just an idea. We did received feedback from customers but we excepted that alot of customers will send their info to get listed on customers page but unfortunately they didn’t at that time.

Now we have created the customers page with that limited feedback and we want you to send your info and get listed on our customers page. This will eventually help us build stronger community in long term and we except you to support us at this stage of Magazine3. This can be a great way to give something back and it just takes less than 2 minutes. We will really appreciate it.

To get listed on customer page, just include your name, a photo of you (or your team), your city & country, profession (for example: Photographer, Blogger, Teacher, etc,.) and 2 – 3 sentence about yourself and about your business – and send it to

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2 thoughts on “Customers page is published – We want you to be there”

  1. Hi I used the theme I bought here
    and everything is ok but one thing is not so good to see.
    The date format!
    I tranlsated in italian all the terms but in the upper left part of the website you can see tha date in an american way not italian. Is ti possible to convert?
    All the best-

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