How to Convert Website Visitors Into Loyal Customers in 2014?

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Are you struggling to make sales from your websites? Do you want to convert your first time website visitors into loyal customers?

Making money online is directly proportional to the people you help. Read it again.

If no one gets any value from your products or services; then no one buys from you. You need to provide value to your website content and products to make more money blogging.

Also, you need to remember the fact that, conversions are more important than getting more traffic. Let’s say your website is getting 1000 visitors a day and you are making one sale. That means conversion rate of your website is 1%.

Now, tell me which one is easier? Getting additional 1000 visitors to increase your sales from 1 to 2 OR increasing your conversion rate from 1 to 2%?

Second one, right? This is the reason why you need to focus on your website conversion rates instead of increasing website traffic. In this article, I am going to share you few proven ways to convert website visitors into loyal customers. Are you ready?

4 proven ways to convert website visitors into sales

#1. Tap your first time website visitors

If someone is visiting your website for the first time, don’t confuse them to find what your site is all about. Clearly show them where to go after landing on your web pages. You can do this in the following ways.

Show popular posts or pages on your sidebar (if you show great content to your first time visitors, they easily gets connected to you)

  • Create an archive page (if you have more blog posts)
  • Include a search box and place it on a visible spot on your site
  • Make sure to include an about page (and tell your visitors how you can help them instead of bragging about you)
  • Build an email list (without having a list of subscribers, no one can make more sales online, so start building a list today!)
  • Encourage your visitors to leave comments on your blog posts

#2. Social proof is the real sales booster

Imagine for a second that a person is waiting outside of a coffee shop whether or not to buy. How can you convert him into a sale instantly? If the coffee shop is overcrowded, he will eventually join them instead of searching for another cafeteria.

Are you getting me?

What made him to buy? In the above case, it’s the social proof. If more and more people are running into a shop means their products are top notch. Remember that, no one buys from a no man’s land, it’s especially true in online.

You need to do the same thing on your websites to turn random website visitors into loyal customers. Show them testimonials. If people find your testimonials genuine, their decision to buy your products becomes easy.

Here are few powerful tips on how to use testimonials to increase your online sales.

  • Don’t fake your testimonials to increase sales. NEVER do that. Be genuine.
  • Use photos from real people while showing testimonials. This will instantly connect your visitors.
  • Opt for video testimonials over text. It’s hard to fake a video testimonial. Moreover, your visitors love to know others opinion about your products or services.
  • Don’t edit your testimonials. Show them as it is even if they are grammatical errors. This shows you are not faking your testimonials.
  • Getting a word from an influential person can instantly boost your conversion rates. So try to connect with the influencers in your niche.
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A testimonial can instantly build trust!

#3. Create a page called “Start Here”

Direct your first time visitors to specific pages on your sites to make your site navigation system user friendly. One of the best ways to direct your first time visitors into loyal readers is by creating a “Start Here” page on your sites.

You don’t have to create any exclusive content on your Start here pages, but make sure to include the best posts. You can also divide your start here pages by giving specific options to beginner and advanced users.

Here’s an awesome example on how to create a converting “Start here” page on your WordPress websites.

Note: Although, few sites don’t require start here pages, but majority of the WordPress sites must use these pages to give a better user experience to their website visitors. You can increase your sales only by enriching your visitors experience.

#4. Analyze your website traffic to tap more sales

Use web analytics tools to track your website visitors behavior. You need to know how your website visitors are responding to your web pages. You also need to know how much time they are spending on different pages on your site. By analyzing your website visitors, you will have a better idea on how to convert them into sales.

Here’s a great list of web analytics tools to analyze your site visitors and their behavior. By knowing what your website visitors are doing on your sites, you will have great chances of boosting your online sales without spending more time on promoting your content.

By analyzing your sites, you can fix what is broken. You will also know the conversion leaks on your site if you track your visitors behavior. By using various website analysis tools like Crazy Egg (a tool to visualize where your visitors are clicking on your sites), you can better understand your customers. Once you analyze their behavior, you can easily tweak corresponding changes to boost your sales.

In a nutshell: Converting website visitors into buyers is not a rocket science if you follow a tactical approach. Giving a better user experience, understanding your targeted audience and using testimonials can boost your online sales. Build rapport with your visitors and you can easily convince them to buy from you. You can use email lists or social media to build trust with your customers or followers. Don’t forget to give your visitors or clients top priority by adding great value to your products or services.

Do you know any other ways to turn website visitors into customers? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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