7 Common WordPress Mistakes Most Beginners Make [And How to Avoid]  

common wordpress mistakes

WordPress community is growing rapidly day by day, over 75 million of websites run on WordPress content management system. If you are a WordPress user who just started your blogging career, you are going to make few dumbest WordPress mistakes.

The great thing is, you can avoid these common WordPress mistakes, in this article I present you few basic mistakes that most WordPress beginners make. Let’s jump into the details.

Common WordPress mistakes to avoid in 2014

#1. Not using any SEO plugin

Search engine traffic is an essential key for any profitable online business, without organic traffic you can’t make more sales. Search engine traffic is not only free, but it is one of the quality traffic sources where you can convert most visitors into customers as they search for the solutions to their problems.

If you are a WordPress beginner and not using a SEO plugin such as All in one SEO pack, SEO by Yoast, Easy WP SEO etc. you are making a big mistake. There are hundreds of SEO plugins available in WordPress plugin directory ranging from free to premium.

#2. Using free or faulty themes/plugins

Most WordPress themes are free, as of now there are over 2,600 free themes and 32,000 free WordPress plugins are available for its users.

WordPress › WordPress Plugins

If the theme developers are not very well known, using their themes for free on your WordPress sites is not advisable even if they look good. I strongly suggest any WordPress user to either hire a professional to design their website to give a unique look or buy a premium WordPress theme to rock their design.

Please read through this detailed article on why you must choose premium WordPress themes over free themes. Make a note that, most free themes are either faulty or embedded with malicious code that can be dangerous and hackers can easily get access into your sites. Invest a little money on buying a premium theme, and make sure to check our SEO friendly WordPress magazine themes before making a decision.

#3. Checking website traffic stats every minute

Using Google analytics to find your traffic and analyzing your best keywords can definitely help you, but if you are addicted to checking your website traffic stats every other minute, it is only going to kill your productive time.

Instead of checking stats often, limit it once a day or twice a week, and analyze your top keywords using tools like Google analytics or Jetpack traffic stats. Spend more time on creating and promoting your content, your website traffic automatically grows.

#4. Ignoring regular backups

You can’t do anything when a hacker attacks your site and modifies all of your files. If you regularly take full backups of your sites, even if someone attacks, you can restore your files without losing any data.

There are so many plugins and tools available to backup your whole site files including BackUp buddy, WP complete backup etc. At least use a free backup plugin to regularly backup your sites. You can also use your hosting server CPanel to manually backup your site files including databases, pages, posts, comments etc.

Also make sure to change your primary user name from Admin to any other to make sure you are safe from login attacks.

#5. Not building an email list

Most professional bloggers say that money is in the list. Whether you agree it or not, it’s true. Without having an email list, you can’t make sales. The reason is that, you need to build trust online to make sales. If no one knows you, no one buys from you. Here’s where an email list comes in handy to building trust and making more sales.

So start building an email list, and grow it by offering any freebie to your visitors while subscribing to your newsletters. I use and recommend Get Response to build your email list as they are cheap and has top industry delivery rates.

#6. Changing URL’s while reviving old posts

Updating your old blog posts is one of the easiest ways to boost your traffic from search engines. But most WordPress users make a simple mistake of changing their URL’s while updating their old posts or pages. What happens when you alter your URL’s?

It will show you broken links and whenever you interlinked to the same URL’s that are altered will also return you dead links (also known as 404 error pages). Avoid this WordPress mistake at all costs, never change the URL’s of already existed web pages on your sites. You can change the headlines and copy of your posts or pages if you want to give a fresh feel to your visitors.

#7. Ignoring basic pages

By not having basic (read essential) pages like contact form, about page etc. how can anyone get to know about your site and contact you?

If you don’t give any sources or email address to your visitors to get in touch with you, how can you build relationships, take feedback or even increase your sales? Immediately after launching your WordPress sites, create a contact page and include your email address. You can also use free plugins like Contact Form 7 to easily embed contact forms on your web pages by using a simple short code.

Also, create an about page and write all the details how your site can help your visitors to grow their blogs or businesses. Include your images to create an instant connection with your visitors.

Conclusion: There are even more WordPress mistakes most people make like not using a Gravatar, using a default favicon, cluttering their sidebar with too many widgets, not updating their plugins or WordPress etc. But the above mentioned are the common WordPress mistakes most WordPress beginners tend to make and they all can be avoided if you take enough time to fix them.

So what WordPress mistakes did you make from the above? Also share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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11 thoughts on “7 Common WordPress Mistakes Most Beginners Make [And How to Avoid]  ”

  1. Choosing A Poorly Coded Theme will be a big mistake,When you’re trying to find the perfect theme for your website you’ll notice there are thousands of themes to choose from. How do you choose the correct theme,the best course of action is to go with a premium or payed one theme.

  2. Excellent article Rahul, completely agree with the points mentioned. Additionally quite a few times I found peoples making common mistakes like Forgetting to change the default admin username, Using the default favicon and most important one is choosing and applying bad themes(can decrease the page speed). Thanks for sharing.

  3. My hosting provider WPRoyal suggest me to install Yost SEO and i found it really works well. Managing a website in WordPress is too easy, I am happy with this hosting service provider.

  4. I used “Traveller” theme from magazine3, put on my travel site sub domain but that theme is really good in SEO, even more visitor come to sub domain then top domain.

    Thanks magazine3, i like all your theme. Waiting for other price off 🙂

  5. About WordPress SEO…
    I’m using Problog Pro from Magazine3..
    but when i disabled default SEO and enabled YOAST SEO it always said Something Error 🙁

  6. Here are a list of few more mistakes most beginners make.

    1. Not writing attractive headlines that pull the users towards your website
    2. Not optimizing keywords and images
    3. Not creating XML sitemaps
    4. Building links only to the homepage
    5. Not linking their web pages
    6. Using themes which pull down the website loading speed
    7. Not providing more emphasis on security

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