How to Choose A Topic for Your WordPress Website

choose a topic for wordpress

“How do I choose a great topic for WordPress sites?” is probably one of the most searched terms in Google search results.

Building a WordPress site is easy, but choosing a topic is really hard. Your blog topic selection is perhaps the only ingredient that makes or breaks your online fortune.

As we all know, there are millions of websites on the Internet. Thousands of blogs coming into existence, each and every single day, it’s almost impossible to build an authority website in a crowded situation like this.

There’s only one way to make your blog profitable that is to choose the BEST topic idea for your blogs. Let me know tell you a harsh truth before diving into the details. There’s no EASY shortcut to choose a great topic for your websites.

Choosing a niche for your website is always a tedious task. You simply can’t say which blog topic idea works best when it comes to make more money or build an online reputation. But I’ll share you a few tips and guide you to choose  a profitable topic for your blogs. Here you go!

How to choose a topic that is profitable

Start with the research

Before you spend time in choosing a profitable topic for your websites, you need to know who your target audience is. Here a are few questions that will make your research easier.

  • How do they talk?
  • What do they really want?
  • What problems do they face and how do you want to solve?
  • How old are they and their gender?
  • Which country do they belong?

If you know about your IDEAL customer better, you will find it really easy to come up with blog post ideas and creating products they love to buy. So make sure to do a proper research before selecting a topic for your sites.

Why should someone read your blog?

Answer this question, why should I read your blog? If you have convincing reasons, you are on the right track. If not, find compelling reasons for why should someone care about you or buy stuff from you.

Before answering this question, find out your favorite blogs where you spend more time reading. And analyze why you they became your favorite blogs, what are they doing to pull their readers’ attention?

Make a list of things that you like on your favorite blogs, and you will be able to solve this answer easily.

USP is all what you need

USP – Unique Selling Proposition is what makes your website unique. You need to have a USP to stand out from the crowd.

If you are doing what everyone else is doing, you can’t be successful in the online world. You have to have a unique selling point to create a profitable website.

So figure out your USP before launching a website to build a successful blog from the scratch. Here are a few questions you need to answer that helps you find your USP.

  • What problems does your audience face?
  • What solutions do you’ve?
  • What’s the gap in your market and how can you fill it?
  • Why should I buy from you instead of your competition?

Start a blog on the topics you read most

Passion is the key to any blog’s success. If you don’t have any interest in your blog topics, your blog or website dies eventually. You can’t breathe life into your blog posts without having any interest. You have to be passionate about the topics you want to write about.

So it’s a good idea to start a blog on the topics you read most. Which blogs do you read most? Is it fitness, travelling, money making, SEO, web designing or anything specific? Which topics do you read most?

Once you know the topics you are most passionate about, it becomes easy to become an authority in that niche.

Follow 3 P’s: Passion, Pain and Problems

Pain: People browse online for two reasons. Either they want entertainment or information. If you can provide great information by also including humor in your posts, your blog grows rapidly.

Passion: Write about the topics that really excite you. You shouldn’t be writing posts day-in and day-out without having a pinch of interest.

Problems: People want solutions to their problems. If you can provide better solutions, you will stay ahead of your competition and can quickly build a great blog.

Pick a single topic and master it

Narrow down your topic ideas. Don’t focus on writing too many topics, and never try to build a blog that covers almost every topic under the sun. You can’t succeed if your blog is about ALL.

This is 2014 and the Internet is heavily crowded. There’s only one way to succeed. Select a topic that is extremely focused on ONE single topic. It’s okay if you cover 2 to 3 topics, but don’t exceed.

For instance, if you want to start a blog on marketing, narrow down your topic ideas. Which topics you want to cover? Is it affiliate marketing, email list building or anything other?

Focus on one topic, write high quality posts for the same, and your blog will grow like a charm. Want a better example? Check out the Social Triggers by Derek Halphern and you will better understand what I’m talking about.

Brainstorm ideas

Come up with 3 to 5 blog topic ideas and choose the best among them. You can’t predict the most profitable niche idea in 2014 and beyond unless you do some research on the topics.

So start brainstorming until you burn out. Read a lot of blogs, come up with different ideas, try different keywords, consider your passion, and finally come up with a topic that suits your audience needs.

In a nutshell:  Invest quality time in finding a USP, analyzing your target audience and finding people’s triggers. Don’t forget to analyze your competitor blogs, find out what they are missing, and fill the gap with your blog. Choose a topic that is both profitable and you are most passionate about.

You will become an expert only when you are passionate about the topics you are writing about. No matter how crowded the online world is, people always listen to expert advice and buy stuff from them.

What are your tips on choosing a great topic for a website? Please share your blogging advice below.

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