Changes In Pricing Structure & Automatic Theme Updates introduced

Honestly speaking, since the launch of Magazine3 in 2010, not much has changed or updated in terms of user experience over the years. We had a hard time keeping up with the challenges we faced and the changes that we thought were important but we were not able to work on them, which was really frustrating at times. All of this will change from now on, we have decided to put in extra effort and work harder to make our service & products better. I will explain what has changed and why it was necessary.

Two major improvements:

  1. Changes in pricing structure
  2. Theme Updates

I will cover these changes one by one, let’s start with the first one.

1. Changes in pricing structure

Overview of the changes

  • Two pricing options has been introduced, ‘Single Theme Purchase’ & ‘1 Year Membership’.
  • Single theme purchase is available for $59 (one time) which gives you access to that specific theme to use on unlimited number of sites.
  • 1 Year Membership of $249 gives you access to all themes and support for 1 year. From second year and on, you will have to renew the membership at just $149 per year.
  • Single, SinglePro, SinglePro+PSD, Multiple & MultiplePro versions has been  replaced with ‘Single Theme Purchase’
  • No more limitation of using the theme on one site. Customers will be able to use the theme on unlimited sites. Reason behind this change is that we are shifting towards the GPL license.
  • People who have purchase the Single, SinglePro, SinglePro+PSD, Multiple & MultiplePro will get access to the new version of theme which they can download it from members area.
  • Customers who have purchased Multiple ($99) or MultiplePro ($129), or have been upgraded to Multiple or MultiplePro will get one theme of their choice for free.
  • Customers who have purchased SinglePro+PSD ($69) will get a $15 flat discount on their next purchase
  • To get one free theme (for Multiple) or $15 discount (for SinglePro+psd), we request you to send an email on with your payment email address & username that you have registered with

 2. Automatic theme updates integrated

One of the most important feature that we have added in all the themes is ‘one click theme updates’. Reason that we were not able to offer updates from dashboard was because it was very hard to manage all different versions. We have made several improvements in our system and changing pricing structure was part of it. Due to this recent pricing change, we will be able to manage the updates and deploy them faster than ever. Honestly, we did not focused much on updates in the early years but i assure you that we have improved so much since then and we are now very aggressive on the updates. We want to improve our product as much as possible and give the best service to our customers.

How do you know if you have this new version of theme? – If you have downloaded the theme before 5th April 2014, then you probably have the older version and we recommend you to update the theme to newer version. You can download the latest version from members area and then use this tutorial for installation instructions. After you have the current version, you no longer have to worry about the updates process. It will show up in your WordPress dashboard when the update is available and then it is one click updates from then on.

We also have a new section regarding the updates called – Central place where people can get details about the updates. We are hoping to publish the information about the update in it.

We need your help in improving the themes, so if you ever find a bug or have a suggestion, please feel free to use this form


We value your suggestions and feedback like gold! so please keep them coming.

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58 thoughts on “Changes In Pricing Structure & Automatic Theme Updates introduced”

    1. Hey,

      Yes, you still get access to use the same theme on multiple websites with the new price layout.



    Killed my site Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home/content/11/6912211/html/wp-content/themes/musicnews-codebase/includes/theme-updater.php on line 161

    1. Hi,

      I have checked the Musicnews theme version and seems to be working fine here. There must be something else conflicting with the theme. I have just emailed you regarding this. I will help you fix the issue for you.


  2. Hi,

    I have purchased the music theme about a year back. you recently release an updated version but I am having issues installing. please see below
    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.

    I would like this update as I am hoping it has a update for a mobile version of the site. Please reply asap

  3. Hey Matt.

    I have a suggestion. Your affiliate sales commission is very low as compared to your competitors. Now you are giving 25% for the each sales. I hope, in future, you will increase the current commission rate to 30% or above.


    1. Hey Sarvesh,

      At the moment, Membership product will not be a part of affiliate section. Only single theme products are available for affiliates for now. If we change this, we will let you know by email.

        1. It is not that most people prefer buying Membership over single theme. It is only for the customers who have the need. Having a membership model doesn’t affect on Single theme sales. So affiliates are safe in that case.

          We may consider to integrate this in future, so when that happens, we will announce it.

  4. Is the core base file same as a child theme?If yes does that means when i edit any file there, would not loose it when i update the theme from the admin end?

    1. Codebase theme is not a child theme, it is rather a parent theme. The child theme is the one with the theme name and screenshot.

      So if you want to customize the code, then copy that file from codebase folder to the theme folder and then make customization. Don’t customize directly in Codebase files. This way you can update the theme without loosing the customizations.

      I hope that it is clear. If not, feel free to ask.


        1. Sure, i will try not to use technical terms.

          We always include the child theme with the themes, so when you do customization, you must always do them in the child theme. This way, when we release an update, you can update your theme without losing the customization.

          If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

        2. If you still didn’t understood, its fine, we are going to release a step by step tutorial on how to edit your theme safely, so you will not loose your customization after updating the theme.

          1. Hey, Mark thanks a lot for you concern!! Will be waiting for the tutorials!! So far you guys ROCK!!

            Keep up the good job!!

          2. Hey, Mark thanks a lot for your concern!! Will be waiting for the tutorials!! So far you guys ROCK!!

            Keep up the good job!!

  5. This is great news actually. But unfortunately I was recently faced with the decision to choose one of your themes or another for a project, I eventually had to go with the other simply because M3 did not provide update to themes.

    But I must commend you all and agree that you are definitely at the top when it comes to the best premium WordPress themes, I will surely be purchasing one or more of your themes in the near future.

    Stay blessed.


    1. Thank you for sharing your honest experience with us! We cannot wait to get started on updates.

      We will be happy to have you as our customer at anytime!

  6. Magazine 3 has some of the best templates around, glad to see the changes, making possible develop more sites with M3 templates and buy more in the future.

  7. Great themes i must say. But, your company deserves more popularity then it is currently getting. Because in my personal opinion you’re the best

  8. Hello,

    1. I have purchased you theme in 2011. Do I still have non limited support (in terms of time)?
    2. I have customized the theme I purchased 3 years ago. Does that mean I do not have an apility to update the theme to the new version?


    1. Hi Denis,

      1. Support is still available for life for single theme purchases.

      2. Here is how you can update to this current version. Download the latest version of theme from the members area, then upload to your Dashboard > Themes. Here are the installation instructions:

      After you have the new version uploaded, copy the customizations to the child theme which is already in it and that’s it.

      For future updates, you won’t have to go through this process.

      1. Hello Matt,

        Thanks for your detailed reply. Will all the customized items be in my theme after the update? Won’t I need to recustomized all the elements one more time after the updated, because I have changed a lot of things in the theme.


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