I am very excited to announce our 17th premium WordPress theme ‘CelebrityGossip‘. We reached out to a specific niche audience before the release and we got great response from them.

CelebrityGossip is a responsive WordPress theme. It has all the things that a successful entertainment website needs.

Checkout CelebrityGossip theme features at magazine3.com/celebritygossip
and CelebrityGossip demo at magazine3.com/celebritygossip/demo

CelebrityGossip is a WordPress theme for Entertainment websites, Gossip blogs & Celebrity News sites. CelebrityGossip theme has all the things that a successful entertainment website needs.

Note: I would like to thank to our users for such an amazing feedback and suggestions. They have been great supporters. If you have any suggestions for the future themes or a feature that should be integrated in themes, then feel free to email me on matt@magazine3.com.

Be sure to let us know what do you think in comment section.

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7 thoughts on “New Theme: ‘CelebrityGossip’ Released”

  1. Great theme. Your work is some of the best on the market. I hope you are working on a new magazine-styled theme. I would be very interested!

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