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Being the proud owner of a WordPress powered website/blog, you might be interested in gathering maximum number of email subscribers. Well, WordPress comes equipped with a range of plugins that can allow you to grow your email subscribers by a remarkable level, thereby encouraging you to focus on delivering top-quality content....

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WordPress is the ubiquitous choice of blogging platform or CMS worldwide, it’s pretty clear from the fact that more than half of all websites are based on WordPress! Regular updates that set the cyber sphere buzzing with excitement about new features, new WordPress Themes that can bedazzle viewers with their aesthetic...

15 Crucial Considerations While Picking the Best WordPress Theme

March 7, 2015, 7:07 pm — By 1 Comment

When it comes to choosing a WordPress theme, you have thousands of both free and paid options that often leave you feeling enormously overwhelmed and stressed. With a nearly unlimited pool of themes, sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and therefore are unable to recognize exactly which theme fits your specific business… Read More

How to Pick A Web Host for Your WordPress Blogs

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choosing web hosting

It’s all too easy for people to start a WordPress blog, right? It’s not easy as it seems especially if you are launching your WordPress site for the first time. It’s hard to find a good domain name, and select a web host that suits your WordPress site needs. So I’ve decided to write a… Read More

Top 5 Email List Building Plugins that Skyrocket Your Subscribers

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The money is in the list. How many times have you heard it? I know, A LOT of times. But have you ever started building an email list? Just to make things simple, here’s my take on building a list. If you want more sales, you need more subscribers. Without having an email list, it’s… Read More

How to Get More Social Shares On Your WordPress Sites

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People need to discover you NO MATTER WHAT if you want to build a successful online business. But it becomes very hard if you don’t have prior online reputation or proper marketing skills to succeed. If content is king, then promotion is the queen. Without proper promoting skills, it becomes impossible to spread your message… Read More

Revealed: How to Write Winning Headlines On WordPress Blog Posts

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Who else wants to write catchy headlines that make your audience immediately click on your links? Creating winning headlines is the simplest way to increase website traffic. What’s the reason, you may ask. That’s because 8 out of 10 people will read your headlines before reading your content. You can’t predict where your website visitors… Read More

How to Choose A Great Domain Name for WordPress Sites

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choose a great domain name

Choosing a great domain name is always a tedious task, 99% of the time, you won’t get the desired domain names. You certainly have to compromise unless your budget is heavy. But there are still few great domain names available if you are creative enough to come up with unique name ideas. The best part… Read More

WordPress Is Now Updated to Version 4.0. Here’s What’s New

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Hey WordPress folks, a great news for you. WordPress 4.0 is now available. Here are few notable features of latest WordPress version 4.0 What’s new in WordPress 4.0 Embedding now has become a visual experience. For instance, if you copy & paste a YouTube video URL on your post or pages, you can see the… Read More

How to Choose A Topic for Your WordPress Website

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“How do I choose a great topic for WordPress sites?” is probably one of the most searched terms in Google search results. Building a WordPress site is easy, but choosing a topic is really hard. Your blog topic selection is perhaps the only ingredient that makes or breaks your online fortune. As we all know,… Read More