Call for Beta Testers for the New Theme


I know we have been silent lately but that is because we have been laser focused on the new theme for last 7-8 months. We received an amazing response to the email that we sent out in January of this year and it really helped us understanding your perspective and the needs as a user.

In last two years, we have been facing a problem of not being able to innovate. We think this was due to the number of themes that we had released. It was looking impossible for us to maintain, update, add new features and innovate at the same time.

Our vision was to achieve these tasks:

  • 1. Design & Layout Innovation
  • 2. Security Updates
  • 3. Bug fixes
  • 4. Extensive Documentation that updates constantly.
  • 5. Big Focus on Mobile
  • 6. Speed Optimization, SEO and Google Updates Proof
  • 7. Improving Customer support
  • 8. Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly Update release cycles and milestones.

Well, this was the dream scenario but it was impossible for us to achieve this because of our release & update process. It’s not like we have not tried to change our system but it started to feel as if we were stuck in a vicious cycle, it was time to change, move and up our game. As a team, we should be able to work to improve the theme and give the best user experience and satisfaction to you.

We thought of creating a framework theme and create various child themes on top of it but this process felt like so 2012-ish and it will only help us with 30% – 40% of what we wanted to achieve. After brainstorming for weeks, We decided to go with a fresh approach that can work for us in 2016 and beyond.

Fast forward to today, I think we have found the best approach forward and we have been able to do most of the work for the first release and we want your help in the beta testing of this theme.

To get access to the Beta, just send us an email on “ahmed (@)” saying that you are interested in beta testing the theme.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you so much for your love, appreciation and support!

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