Built in WordPress options that publishers need to know

WordPress is the ubiquitous choice of blogging platform or CMS worldwide, it’s pretty clear from the fact that more than half of all websites are based on WordPress! Regular updates that set the cyber sphere buzzing with excitement about new features, new WordPress Themes that can bedazzle viewers with their aesthetic appeal, and ever increasing number of superb and powerful plugins to perform all website management tasks – all these reasons are instrumental in making WordPress the phenomenon that it is. However, amidst all the excitement about upcoming upgrades, popular plugins, and impressive themes, it’s observed that WordPress users tend to miss out making the most of in-built features of the platform. Why spend on a wordpress plugin or overload your server with add-ons when WordPress offers these smart and useful features built in!

Controlling visibility – Indecent exposures are always to be avoided online, especially when web privacy has become such a buzz word. If you wish to make a few posts private, go to Settings option in your dashboard, and select Privacy. This ensures that the pages marked to be Private are now made available for web users, till the time you change the settings.


Theme Preview – With WordPress publisher themes raising the bar in terms of design and structure, it can be tough for a webmaster to decide on which theme to use! If you have more than one theme added, you don’t need to activate them to get a feel of how your WordPress website will look, as smart previews are now enabled. Go to Manage Themes, and click on Live Preview link next to the theme you wish to preview. Voila, you can see how your website will look in the theme!


Tracking revisions – If your websites has multiple authors contributing content, it’s simple enough for you to check revisions made to posts, without having to install a special plugin for it. In the Screen Options, check Revisions.


Once the option is enabled, you will have access to a section where details of revisions made to posts are available. When were the revisions made? Who made them? What were the revisions? Get all answered served right there!

Changing Screen Options – Want to control whether the Author info section, Excerpts section, and other components of the routine WordPress post page are visible or not! Go to Screen Options button on the top right side on the post edit page, check and uncheck the relevant options, and you’re through!


So, the next time you think of raising cry upon not being able to see the Author info section, check the Screen Options first!

Customization Control – For discerning publishers, customizing their favorite themes to enhance the WordPress website’s aesthetic appeal further is possible. Next to the Theme Preview option, you can find options to tweak several design elements about the theme, right from the background images to the headers and footers, including site title, static front page, colors, and navigation.


Embedding Tweets – The all new version of WordPress allows you to embed tweets of your posts using the editor itself. Just copy the URL and paste it in the editor and see the Tweet getting embedded right there. Adding active links and Follow buttons is also possible, that too without having to add screenshots or codes for embedding.


Working with Youtube videos – Adding Youtube videos on your WordPress website post pages is as simple as adding a Tweet (as explained above). Just copy the video URL from Youtube, paste it in the editor, and you are done. Avoid using plugins for if your requirements are limited to just adding Youtube videos on the page. With WordPress shortcodes (which you can learn from WordPress support blog), you can change height and width of the video box, apart from controlling other settings.


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    Thanks for your article. Surely there are many options that publishers need to know and use them for effectiveness of our website. WordPress is nothing without themes and plugins.


  2. Great article about wordpress. It is really good. Your explanation about installation of WordPress theme was really good. Iam very happy to get new informations about wordpress.
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