7 Blog Writing Tips that Will Hone Your Writing Skills

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Creating great blog posts is an art. It doesn’t matter whether you have blogging experience or not, you need to hone your writing skills to become a successful blogger.

Your blogging success is directly proportional to your writing skills. If you know how to write for online readers, your blog grows quickly, even in the crowded niche.

If you don’t know how to captivate your readers with writing, it’s really hard to convince them to even buy.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a prolific writer to capture your audience attention to your writing. Just follow the blog writing tips mentioned in this post, and you will reap the best rewards from your blog posts.

Blog writing tips to captivate your readers

Without much ado, here are few writing tips that will help you write exceptional blog posts almost every time.

1. Avoid jargon

One of the silliest mistakes most bloggers make is they use slang while writing their blog posts. Using unwanted technical words on your posts doesn’t attract your audience, you are indirectly killing your writing by using tech words.

Your readers are more impressed with your writing if you use simple words in your blog posts. It’s okay to use jargon while speaking, but when it comes to writing, say NO.

Don’t give your readers a chance to open a dictionary to digest your blog content. Make it extremely easier to understand what you are writing and they will thank you.

2. Rewrite

Don’t hit the publish button immediately after finishing your blog posts. Wait and read it again. Check whether you can improve any sentences.

Avoid all the unwanted words from your content that don’t add any value. Quality always beats quantity. Instead of focusing on word count, focus on delivering value.

Always rewrite your blog posts. Your 10th blog post will be always better than that of your very first post. Practice writing and it is what makes you write better blog posts.

3. Write skimmable content

Online reading is different than offline writing. When you are reading books offline, you will find it easy to read in long paragraphs. When it comes to online, short paragraphs are better. No one likes to read long paragraphs online, because they are boring.

It is better to write skimmable content, and here are a few quick tips.

  • Break your paragraphs into 2 to 3 lines. Avoid reaching 6 lines at all costs.
  • Use sub headings while writing lengthy blog posts (your readers will digest your content easily)
  • Use bullet points. A lot.
  • Keep your sentences short.
  • Always highlight your key points. Always.

4. Write like you talk

One of the easiest ways to hone your writing skills is, write as you talk. Imagine your reader is sitting in front of you and listening to you. How do you talk when your reader is in your presence?

This explains ""
This explains “Write like you talk” very well!

Simply follow the same rule while writing your next blog post. And I guarantee you can deliver better blog posts that will serve your readers.

Do your research before writing even a word on your next blog post. A good research on your topics will help you better understand the problems. Once you have a better idea on what you are writing, you can create better blog posts that solve your audience problems.

Your readers will enjoy reading your posts if they are properly crafted. Learn how to craft your blog posts for your target audience.

5. Read other bloggers writing

Reading other people’s blog posts always help you write better blog posts. You can easily outrank your competition if you know how to write well for your readers. Firstly, analyze others writing style in your niche.

Don’t sound like corporate while writing for online readers. Make sure to use simple and plain English and incorporate them into your posts.

I strongly recommend you to read Copyblogger blog to hone your writing skills. Whether you are a designer, marketer, or a writer, the resources on Copyblogger will help you write captivating headlines and blog posts. Start with their copywriting 101 resources, and you will learn to write better over time.

6. Write often

What makes someone better at something? Practicing. Take any field, for instance, Sachin Tendulkar didn’t become an overnight success, he had been practicing all the cricketing shots since he was a kid.

Same goes with your writing too, the more you practice writing, the better you will get at creating epic content. Set aside at least an hour a day to write something that you are passionate about.

Use distraction free writing tools like Zen Writer or Ommwriter to write in a peaceful environment. You can hone your writing skills faster when you are less distracted.

7. Find your own writing style

I can’t stress this enough, if you don’t have a unique writing style, you can’t inspire people to take action. You must inspire your blog readers to take an immediate action after reading your posts. It can be anything from sharing your posts to buying your products. It can only be possible with a distinctive writing style.

If have an ordinary writing tone, no one likes to read, everyone gets bored to read your posts even if they have meat. So make sure to figure out your own writing persona, and attract more website visitors.

In a nutshell: Your website content always should be interesting and encouraging to read. You can’t convince people to leave comments or buy your products without having great content. You can create exceptional content only when you know how to write for online readers. The tips shared above will help you hone your writing skills faster.

Start writing from now on, allocate some time each and every single day to make your writing better. Remember that, no posts are better worst posts, so don’t publish posts just for the sake of getting traffic. Learn how to write for your audience, and you will attract massive traffic in the long run.

Do you have any more blog writing tips that will help create better blog posts? Please share your thoughts in the comments and I’d be glad to respond.

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