Google AdSense is one of the most considerable and known way when it comes about monetizing a blog or website. Many people might think that they can’t easily install AdSense in WordPress Site or to add AdSense code in WordPress one should have knowledge of coding and all. So today for those people; we will show you the methods to add AdSense in WordPress blog. Also we will share some best practices and tips which will help you in increasing your earnings.

Do you actually know what Google AdSense is?

It is an advertising network which is run by Google. It’s an opportunity for bloggers and the website owners to earn money by showing up some images, texts, videos or some other attractive advertisements on their websites. These ads are fundamentally targeted by the audience as well as the site content. At a significant time of blog advertising, Google AdSense helps you in getting your foot in.

Below in the article we are going to share the manual method to put the Google AdSense code in a WordPress blog

Step 1 – The very first thing you need to do is to sign up for a Google AdSense account. Submit the application and once submitted successfully, you will receive a reply within a week. If you have passed in the review process then you can easily login into your AdSense account and get the ad code.

create new ad unit adsenseStep 2 – Click on “My ads” followed by “New ad unit” button. This will navigate the page to create new ad page and you need to select the ad size, style and type.

adsense ad size format

Step 3“Name the ad” which is just for internal purposes and then choose Ad size. There will be certain recommended ads sizes (mentioned below) which are popular among the advertisers. Now follows the next step of choosing Ad type which recommends choosing both text and displaying ads. You can even with Custom Channels feature which help in tracking performance associated with the websites. Once done with this full setup, save and get the code button. This will navigate you with prompted message “Ad successfully created” and you will get the ad code. Copy the code and save it in notepad for further use.

Adsense ad code async

Step 4 – Now it comes about determining the ad place where to put on to the site. Most commonly Google AdSense ads are displayed in the sidebar and this can be done using WordPress widgets. WordPress makes it easy to add AdSense code to the blog or website. In order to add AdSense to your blog, you just need to login to the administrative end of the website and further click it on Appearance >> Widgets menu

WordPress Apperance Widget menu

Step 5 – Coming to the above page, you need to select “Text” widget from the drop down menu.  Then you need to add up a title along with the actual code obtained from Google. Click on “Save” and you are done.

wordpress widgets

CONGRATS! You have done it finally. You have just made it through and install AdSense in WordPress site.

Here is the another method to install AdSense in WordPress blog

Use of Google Publisher Plugin is another method to install AdSense in WordPress site. This specific plugin allows in setting up some appropriate parameters of the ads displaying. These parameters include the format (link, image, text or text with image) along with size and colour followed by the ad position on the website. It’s a hassle free because it does not involve any deals with the advertisers nor any worries in collecting money. The cycle works on with maintaining relationships between Google administer and the advertisers.

How to use Google Publisher Plugin
1) Download the plugin from the mentioned link –
2) Upload and activate the downloaded plugin in your WordPress blog just like any other plugin.
3) To start with plugin you have to verify your Google Webmaster Tool account details for the security purpose.
4) Once you done with account verification process, then you will find option “Manage Ads”. Also this plugin will show you the best places to put ads.

Tips to Increase earning from Google AdSense

  • Use all three units of ads per page. More ads people will see more chances to get clicked. By showing all three units of ads you will improve your CPM (Cost per Impression) benefit as well.
  • As per my thoughts best place of the advertisements is near to header of the site.
  • Most recommended ad unit’s sizes are
    • Leaderboard (728×90)
    • Medium Rectangle (300×250)
    • Wide Skyscraper (160×600)
  • Show both text + images ads to get noticed. By expanding your ads styles, you will be capable to boost the income from your site.

If you overcome any difficulties while creating ads or you have any other queries about adding AdSense in WordPress theme, you can simply let us know. We will be happy to help you.

About The Author – This post is contributed by Yogita Aggarwal who blogs at She is an avid passionate blogger from Delhi, India. To know more about her visit –


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5 thoughts on “How to add AdSense in WordPress Theme”

  1. Even if “Insert Adsense” plugin hasn’t been updated in more than 2 years, it works perfectly for me.
    In the last few days I wanted to change my main add on each page from a small one to a big one, and by only changing the HTML at Insert Adsense, all my pages changed at once. The other adds, stayed the same.
    It does exactly what it proposes…and works perfectly on my bilingual site.
    Here are examples of the same pages in two different languages: (Brazilian Portuguese) (English)
    Simple and great plugin.

  2. Hi,
    Could you please talk about Adsense site’s domain name. Do you think it would be a good idea for setting an EMD for an adsense site. And also please let us know how to find profitable keywords for an adsense site.


  3. Well Thanks Yogita for the detailed AdSense tutorial,

    This is what i was looking for! It worked for me! i thought of placing the ads individually on every single post as i am not that confident in editing the php file, but i find it troublesome and decided to place it on single.php file instead, thanks s bunch!!

    By the way now i am going to try the publisher plugin you mentioned.

    1. This method is also very simple Stephen and you should try Official Adsense plugin, it is very easy to use and you can put adsense ads anywhere on your site with just one click.

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