7 easy-to-install WordPress plugins for gathering optimal email subscribers

Being the proud owner of a WordPress powered website/blog, you might be interested in gathering maximum number of email subscribers. Well, WordPress comes equipped with a range of plugins that can allow you to grow your email subscribers by a remarkable level, thereby encouraging you to focus on delivering top-quality content. The sole aim of this post is to make you familiar with seven of these stunning WordPress plugins which aid you in getting more email subscribers. So, let’s get to know more about these finest WordPress plugins.

1) Welcome gate


This is a free WordPress plugin which allows you to build an email list for your WordPress blog. Serving as a cross between a popup and a squeeze page, Welcome gate will create a landing page on your blog’s home page. With Welcome gate, you can give more room to vital content placed on your website. Offering a greater conversion rate as compared to the traditional pop-ups, Welcome Gate is definitely a great add-on for WP site owners who’s business expects them to make more and more people subscribe to their blogs.

2) SumoMe List Builder


SumoMe is yet another free WordPress pop-up plugin which allows you to add a popup function to your WP website. The best part of using SumoMe List Builder plugin is that you can manage the display of your pop-up by manually selecting a time delay or choosing smart display as per which the plugin automatically automatically determines the best time for displaying the pop-up. Also, you can avail the flexibility of using a set of conditional rules for configuring as to which web pages will contain the added pop-up.

3) Icegram


As a core, free WordPress plugin, Icegram allows you to build action bars, popups, toast notifications and messenger popups. Specially, if you are intending to build a popup, then you have an option of choosing from six stylish templates. One of the great features of Icegram is the customization flexibility it offers. For instance, while configuring the pop-up, you can decide as to which all web pages will contain the pop-up, after how many seconds will the pop-up appear and which all devices will be competent in displaying the pop-up effectively. Supporting all renowned email marketing services, Icegram is an ultimate WordPress for everyone who’s looking for capturing leads and connecting with the audience

4) Optin Skin


Developed by Glen Allsoop, Option Skin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build an email list including cool opt-in forms. The best part is that this plugin creates great opt-in forms towards the end of the blog, making it convenient for users to subscribe to your email list. Some of the best features included within this premium WordPress plugin include: 18 default designs, split test to track the email subscription results, ability to create custom designs and last but definitely not the least an added ability of placing the opt-in skins anywhere across the blog via a single click.

5) Pippity


Building pop-ups was never so easy. Thanks to the introduction of Pippity, it has become possible to create great looking pop-ups in a simple way. With a collection of over 10 popup templates and six bar templates, Pippity offers you a greater control over your pop-up creation project. Right from offering you the convenient of changing the default color scheme to moderating the background colors, Pippity is the WP plugin that ensures that all the pop-ups created by you look real stylish and contain fully customized elements.

6) Popup Domination


As a premium WordPress plugin, Popup Domination allows you to quadruple the email list on your WP blogs. Allowing you to create a brilliant pop-up on your blog, Popup Domination makes it convenient to fetch more and more email subscribers. And, the best thing about creating popups using Popup Domination is that you need to be a professional designer or coder. This easy-to-use WordPress plugin will definitely allow you to squeeze dollars from your email list.

7) Ninja Popups


Introduced in the year 2012, Ninja Popups has been recognized as a leading WordPress plugin used for building visually stunning popups. With an option to choose from over 27 default templates, Ninja Popups allows you to grow your email list, display videos within pop-ups and encourage the social shares. Having witnessed over 10,000 downloads till date, this WordPress plugin comes equipped with a wide array of pre-set color schemes and impressive layout options. With Ninja Popups, adding content to your pop-ups is an incredibly easy job. All the finished popups are thoroughly polished, fully responsive and look absolutely stunning. The built-in mouse-tracking technology of Ninja Popups allows you to determine the perfect time for displaying the pop-ups on different web pages.


All the WordPress plugins listed above serve as the perfect match for WordPress users who’re interested in growing the e-mail subscription rate for their blog instantly.

About The Author – Maria Mincey is an software developer for Xicom Technologies, a outsource web development company which delivers most comprehensive web applications and solutions for different industry verticals.

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