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Celebrating 4th July Independence with Special Discount Promotion

First of all, Happy Independence day to all of our U.S based customers and fans (in advance!). To celebrate it with you, we are offering special 30% discounts starting from 4th of July.  You can view specific details on this discount promotion below. Discount Code: 4JULY15 Coupon Details: Starts: 4th July 2015 Ends: 9th July 2015 Description: 30% off on all themes &… Read More

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New Theme: GadgetBlog WordPress Theme Released

Its been a while since we have released a Gadget related theme, so I am really happy to share with you the details about our new theme, GadgetBlog is our 42nd WordPress theme released here at Magazine3. GadgetBlog is a Gadget & Technology blogging theme for WordPress. GadgetBlog WordPress theme can be used for Gadget News Blog, Phone… Read More

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New Theme: NewsPost WordPress Theme Released

It gives me sheer happiness to write about the release of our new news magazine theme called ‘NewsPost‘ Magazine Theme. NewsPost theme is a WordPress magazine theme built specially for News websites and magazine sites, it can be also used for News Blosg, Media websites, business magazines, finance portals, political news websites and General News Websites. Check the demo of this theme… Read More

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WordPress is a fabulous CMS that is easy to use and consistently updated to ensure an advanced and highly secure platform. Its useful attributes make this free, open-source platform the most preferred choice across the globe. And, it is worth mentioning that there are superlative plugins and themes that add to its credibility,...

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Being the proud owner of a WordPress powered website/blog, you might be interested in gathering maximum number of email subscribers. Well, WordPress comes equipped with a range of plugins that can allow you to grow your email subscribers by a remarkable level, thereby encouraging you to focus on delivering top-quality content....

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New Theme: Parenting WordPress Theme Released

Many of our customers have been requesting us to create a Parenting theme for a while, so we finally decided to do it. Parenting theme is a WordPress magazine theme built specially for Parenting blogs and Parenting magazines, it can be also used mommy bloggers and General DIY and Feminine related blogs. Check the demo of this theme at… Read More

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WordPress is the ubiquitous choice of blogging platform or CMS worldwide, it’s pretty clear from the fact that more than half of all websites are based on WordPress! Regular updates that set the cyber sphere buzzing with excitement about new features, new WordPress Themes that can bedazzle viewers with their aesthetic...

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Introducing FLAGSHIP themes – Focusing on Huge Improvements & New Features

We have been planning to add new features and improve all of our themes, but having 39 different themes makes it very difficult for us to focus, we can keep working on just one theme for months (literally) and it still wouldn’t be finished. So we were searching for a way, where we can improve the themes to the… Read More

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Interview with Siddhartha joshi, Popular Travel blogger and one of top Instagrammers to follow in India

Hello Folks, Today we have Siddhartha Joshi, a Popular Travel blogger from India (Pune, Maharashtra) and owner of Sid-TheWanderer.com, One of the blog that has been consistently rated as Top Blog ( in travel and living category ) from the country ( India). He is one of top Instagrammers to follow in India. and his recent photography… Read More

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15 Crucial Considerations While Picking the Best WordPress Theme

When it comes to choosing a WordPress theme, you have thousands of both free and paid options that often leave you feeling enormously overwhelmed and stressed. With a nearly unlimited pool of themes, sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and therefore are unable to recognize exactly which theme fits your specific business… Read More