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Creating A Travel Blog Using WordPress [Guide]

Thinking about starting a travel blog in 2014? Or searching for proven ways to make your travel blog profitable? This detailed guide (over 2,000 words) is crafted exclusively for you to create a successful travel blog from the scratch using WordPress. Why create a travel blog? As you might be aware of it or not,… Read More

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How to Make A Website On WordPress [Easy Tutorial]

Want to start a website with WordPress? Here’s an easy tutorial for WordPress beginners to launch a website using WordPress without any prior experience. Just follow the steps mentioned in this article, and you will be starting your own WordPress blog or website. How to create a self-hosted WordPress website Before diving into the details, I… Read More

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We were in shock when we heard and it is still hard to believe that it has happened. On Saturday, Mark Kaludi (co-founder) has lost his wife due to an unfortunate circumstance. Her passing away was truly a tragic moment for us and due to this, Mark Kaludi and I (Matt) won’t be available for next 3 – 4 days. We...

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6 Essential Video SEO Tips for WordPress

According to a research conducted by ReelSEO shows that upwards 93% of marketers use video content to grow their online businesses to make more sales. Interesting fact is that, 82% of them found that video content had a positive impact on their sales. Are you creating videos to make money online? Are you a video… Read More

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What Is SEO and Why Is It Essential For You

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the key to building any profitable website or business online. Designing a SEO friendly website is perhaps the only one factor that can make or break any blog’s success. Without getting organic traffic to your websites, you literally won’t get a comment, share, subscription or sale online. If you… Read More

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How to Make Money Blogging Even If You Are A Beginner

Making money blogging is not easy as most people say. It’s even harder to make money blogging if you are a newbie to online world. Without having any connections or loyal readership, you can’t make passive income from your websites. Here are few proven ways to make money blogging even if you are a beginner…. Read More

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting A Blog

Are you thinking to start a blog and searching for ways to make it popular from day 1? Here are few essential questions you need to ask yourself before starting a blog to make it successful. This detailed article will help you how to get started and start working towards achieving your blogging goals without… Read More

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7 Blog Writing Tips that Will Hone Your Writing Skills

Creating great blog posts is an art. It doesn’t matter whether you have blogging experience or not, you need to hone your writing skills to become a successful blogger. Your blogging success is directly proportional to your writing skills. If you know how to write for online readers, your blog grows quickly, even in the… Read More

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How to Write Both for Search Engines And Readers

Honestly, I’m not an SEO expert. But I know how to bring quality traffic from search engines to any website. Learning to write both for search engines and readers is an art. Most bloggers and web masters fail to get organic traffic because of two reasons, either they keyword stuff or don’t optimize their posts… Read More

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6 Insider Tips to Building A Successful Blog

Building a successful blog or website is an ongoing process, not a rocket science. You can’t build a better blog overnight. You need a long term strategy to make it a success. Without a proper plan or blueprint, your blog easily gets abandoned in the crowded online market. If you don’t want to let that… Read More