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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting A Blog

Are you thinking to start a blog and searching for ways to make it popular from day 1? Here are few essential questions you need to ask yourself before starting a blog to make it successful. This detailed article will help you how to get started and start working towards achieving your blogging goals without… Read More

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7 Blog Writing Tips that Will Hone Your Writing Skills

Creating great blog posts is an art. It doesn’t matter whether you have blogging experience or not, you need to hone your writing skills to become a successful blogger. Your blogging success is directly proportional to your writing skills. If you know how to write for online readers, your blog grows quickly, even in the… Read More

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How to Write Both for Search Engines And Readers

Honestly, I’m not an SEO expert. But I know how to bring quality traffic from search engines to any website. Learning to write both for search engines and readers is an art. Most bloggers and web masters fail to get organic traffic because of two reasons, either they keyword stuff or don’t optimize their posts… Read More

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6 Insider Tips to Building A Successful Blog

Building a successful blog or website is an ongoing process, not a rocket science. You can’t build a better blog overnight. You need a long term strategy to make it a success. Without a proper plan or blueprint, your blog easily gets abandoned in the crowded online market. If you don’t want to let that… Read More

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How to Convert Website Visitors Into Loyal Customers in 2014?

Are you struggling to make sales from your websites? Do you want to convert your first time website visitors into loyal customers? Making money online is directly proportional to the people you help. Read it again. If no one gets any value from your products or services; then no one buys from you. You need… Read More

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7 Common WordPress Mistakes Most Beginners Make [And How to Avoid]  

WordPress community is growing rapidly day by day, over 75 million of websites run on WordPress content management system. If you are a WordPress user who just started your blogging career, you are going to make few dumbest WordPress mistakes. The great thing is, you can avoid these common WordPress mistakes, in this article I… Read More

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New Theme: SEOTips Professional Blogging Theme Released

We are excited to announce the release of our new WordPress theme ‘SEOTips‘. SEO-Tips is a fast loading pro blogging theme. A theme that is flexible and looks great on any device, big or small, it is also SEO optimised. SEOTips is a Minimal Blogging WordPress theme, created with keeping quality in mind. It can… Read More

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Five Reasons to Buy A Premium WordPress Theme

Most beginner WordPress users ask me a question – do I really need a premium WordPress theme? And my answer is always the same, YES! Keep reading the post to know why. Why should you buy a premium WordPress theme? We all know that WordPress CMS (Content Management System) is free to use. But if you… Read More

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A Simple Guide to Making Your WordPress Websites Mobile Friendly

Did you know that, within a short period of time, mobile is going to take over desktop Internet usage? According to a recent research, out of 2.33 billion Internet users, 1.2 billion are using mobile Internet to browse information online. That’s a whooping increase in mobile Internet usage, right? Even if you are targeting social… Read More

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How to Get More Comments On Your WordPress Sites

Getting more blog comments on your sites is not a rocket science. But I know it’s hard if you are new to blogging world, I’ve been there, tried so many ways to increase the blog comments. And here I’m writing this detailed post to increase your comments count. Start taking action after reading the post,… Read More